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  1. Any support around hear? I have not yet been able to solve this, My cfg is default(no tweaks) and Im using the low res pmdg ngx textures, with the same problem as Michael. My Spec's 7 975 Extreme @ 4.0 Ghz EVGA GTX 480 SuperClocked Gigabyte X58-UD7 6GB Corsair Dominator 1600 Raptors Corsair 800D Obsidian W7 64
  2. I just bought this yesterday and Im getting the same thing with the ngx, and yes I have Ultimate terrain installed, is there a conflict somewhere?
  3. Well I just bought Corfu X and Im not sure what to do, the installer on the DL section say version 1.10 but when I clicked the mirror it gave me version 1.00, then the aerosoft launcher says there is an update for it but Im not sure how the launcher is suppose to work. Ian
  4. Alright I try it in a slower aircraft thanks for your help Shaun
  5. Has anyone noticed how imcomplete the navigraph TP are.I downloaded the 0706 cycle.Then I went to CYYZ (toronto pearson intl) There are only three sid's one for rwy 5 two for rwy 23. (the originals had 10)The lester7 for rwy23 is so messed up that its funny.Im sure if I followed that sid on vatsim I would be kicked off.So before you download any cycles be sure to back up the originals thats what I have switched back to. Anyone else have any problems?
  6. Hey Thanks,I managed to sort it out
  7. O.k I went into my program files and deleted the aerosoft folder.This removed fsc from my computer but now I am trying to reinstall it.It sets up fine and says that FSC has been sucessfully setup on your computer except it is nowhere to be found.
  8. Shaun can you look at my other post "More urgent help"thanks
  9. I have been having some major problems with fscommander.The problem now is that when it loads up there is an error saying can not read aircraft properties.Then it will say run the database manager file missing or zero bytes Check FSC-Info.log for details .Then when I try to run the database manager it says Runtime Error 70 permision denied.Worst of all I tried to unistal it from the control panel and it will not let me.Its says there is a problem with the setup.exe.I need help.
  10. Hey Shaun sorry it took so long for my reply.I have tried the RW button that comes with FSC but does not do anything when the window is maximized.When I hit the restore button it will just maximize the window again.I have found a solution though.I just have to start FSC about three or four times eventually it will take.Kind of a pain though.Thanks
  11. Hi Shaun Im using V8.1.I used today and it worked fine the first time, but the second time it did the samething.In order for me to open up the map I have to go down to the task bar right click and select Maximize,Then it will show up but it covers the whole screen.If I try clicking the windows button to reduce its size it just sends it back to the task bar.
  12. O.k Fscommander will now open but it takes up the entire screen.When I push the windows button to reduce the size it just sends it to the taskbar.Any suggestios??
  13. Something has happened to my FScommander.I have it set up to connect to FS9.So when I start it the GPS window will be on the screen and and FScommander will be down in the task bar.When I click it to bring up the screen nothing happens it will just make the sound of opening up.So I tried starting it without FS running and it does the same thing
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