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  1. You could be right. The autopilot actually stopped at FL370 and I had to VS it up to FL390. Simbrief gave me 39,000 so that's what I used but it could be pushing the envelope.
  2. Happened to me today with the 550 on a flight CYUL-CYQM. Cruising at FL390 at M0.76 and then all of a sudden speed is M0.56. No amount of thrust would bring speed back. Going to try the A320nx to see if it happens the same. Very weird. Forgot to look at the OAT.
  3. Yes, I think you are right that it something to do with the weather/wind. Asobo haven't quite figured that out yet. Happened to me again. Funny that I haven't yet experienced this with the A320NX which I have flown a lot recently.
  4. I was using real weather but didn't notice OAT. I will try again...
  5. Today I had a problem which may be related to this. I was cruising fine at FL360 at M0.73 and then all of a sudden my speed was M0.55. The autopilot then started to trim up to maintain altitude. Then all of a sudden the speed went back to M0.73. It could be weather but not sure what is going on. Will try to replicate.
  6. Looks like one is coming with the aircraft. See above.
  7. I am assuming that Hans is looking at a number of issues related to weight and balance and performance/climb issues. However, it would be nice if someone like Mathijs would confirm that this is the case so that we can stop chasing our tails.
  8. I can confirm this issue with PBE voice control and the inability to set the parking brake after pushback. Not a big deal for me as you can just release the tug in PBE. But I don't experience this with the FBW A320.
  9. On my flight today, when I used the DIR INTC function it just activated the leg terminated by that waypoint rather than going from PP direct to the waypoint.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was the 700 when I had the problem but probably will occur with both versions.
  11. Flying CYQR-CYYZ using real weather. FL370, M0.73, trim nose up 6.8, N1 84%, weight decreasing with fuel burn. Stable right now.
  12. I had a flight yesterday using real weather and the plane behaved normally. I had icing effects "visual only". Going to try again today.
  13. A number of people have reported increasing weight of the aircraft which is likely the sim's icing effects. After I turned off the icing effects in the sim ("visual only"} the aircraft behaved normally and was able to climb and maintain altitude.
  14. Make sure you have icing effects set to "visual only" in the sim settings.
  15. Although it sounds as if the sim is modeling icing effects by increasing the GW of the aircraft. So it should affect the CJ4 and A320 unless they are somehow negating what the sim is doing.
  16. Ok. Tried again. Turned off icing effects. i.e. "visual only". Set weather to clear skies. Plane behaving normally. Climbed to fl370 in 18 mins. Now holding M0.72. Nose up trim 6 degrees. Weight is decreasing normally with fuel burn. So I surmise that icing is the problem. Which is a sim issue. However, why doesn't it occur with the FBW A320NX or the WT CJ4? A mystery within an enigma....
  17. Tried again, this time with anti-ice off. Was able to reach FL370 ok, but the aircraft was unable to maintain FL370 and M0.7. The speed bled off slowly and the AP trimmed the nose up to 13 degrees and the speed bled off into a stall. It was as if the plane was getting heavier. I looked at the performance page in the EFB (see attached) and couldn't see the current weight on the chart. What's with that? Off the chart? I saw another post somewhere where a user was seeing an increase in weight. Very strange. This all worked fine for me until a few days ago. Maybe I will try with custom weather. All and any suggestions welcome!
  18. Well I was climbing fine at 290 kts until I got over fl300 at which point the vertical speed started to drop. I then reduced the speed bug gradually to try to get the vertical speed back. But the VS continued to drop and just over FL320 I was pretty much stalled out. (Where I think I took the screenshot). Going to try tonight without the anti-ice to see if that is my problem.
  19. Thanks Herman. I will have a look. (i.e. RTFM)
  20. Tried that but the autopilot trimmed up again when I engaged it.
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