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  1. I too had this and it is fixed in the latest build which will be available soon as testing has completed. Shez
  2. Worked perfectly! Thanks for the help! Excellent support. Shez
  3. OK thanks Mathias. How come I am not getting notification of replies from the forums? Shez
  4. I have tried many ways to manage the takeoff on the CRJ. The best and most stable is as follows, Before take off set the TO Trim to the CRJ Manager number (the checklist helps here) Set HDG/NAV and SPD on in the A/P but not the A/P itself, set SPD to VT or better 180KIAS Slowly increase the throttles until TOGA Airborne reduce throttle to CLB and turn on the A/P and you should have a stable climb at 180kias initially Increase the SPD to 210 and 250 while retracting flaps etc. It is all a little rushed but you should be in a stable climb... Shez
  5. I purchased the original FT Vienna from the aerosoft shop. Now FT have updated the installer to P3DV4 and the serial from the aerosoft does not work. Any solution to this? Order: 662535 Shez Ansari
  6. Hans, that is what I had also pointed out in the testing forum so if it is fixed then I don't need to follow up. Thanks Shez
  7. Try these settings in the CRJ Manager. I found this the best for engine sounds and background avionics etc. Shez
  8. I agree with the direction of your observations. There is some calculation or process which is looping or something that is causing this stutter. It is not the typical graphics issue as I have demonstrated. This CRJ has very good basic FPS performance, better than many other payware models. Maybe it is DAVE? Shez
  9. OK so I gradually shut down various graphics settings to minimums, removed FSUIPC4 and 5, turned off NI, turned off AV, there are no tweaks that I know of in the cfg file. At the minimum settings the frames are of course above 400 but it continues to fluctuate to 50/100/150 and back to 400 (ratio: 400 for 2 secs then a blip to 50/100 then over again). In the turns even at these minimum settings there is a slight lag when frames fluctuate, made more obvious when in a turn. Shez
  10. Thanks Dave. PDC received :). DL was off already. Let me give it a try with lowest settings and build up. I say this because the PMDG bird does well in comparison. Shez
  11. Hi Dave, It was mentioned above but it is P3DV4. Shez
  12. Ver P3DV4 I wanted to raise the issue of fluctuating frame rates again in the latest builds. My comp is a mid-range I7-3770K, GTX980, 16GB RAM. The settings are upper-high in sim. 2XSSAA. The frame rates on average are high in spot view but they fluctuate wildly between say 100 and then every few seconds down to 20 then up again (similarly between 40 and 20 in VC view). This makes for stuttering which makes it difficult to obtain smoothness especially at major airports, This is very evident in turns. I use VATSIM so AI is not a major issue. I compared a similar flight on the PMDG B738 and it does not have this problem with similar frame rates. There appears to be some background system at work which is inducing short pauses. I noticed this in the Feelthere ERJ145 (albeit much worse) but that was because maybe it was for FSX only. I have already followed the full uninstall and delete of folders before reinstalling. Shez
  13. Confirmed here as well. Hit and miss with the doors. There may be one solution. Don't open the door until GSX wants you to. Shez
  14. shez


    OK you resolved it! Thanks. Great job guys on this great little aircraft. Shez
  15. shez


    Hi Hans, Maybe it is my joystick setup which is the problem but it has the twist control assigned to the steering tiller. I have the steering axis box un-ticked in the CRJ manager. What I see is the rudder and the nose wheel operate in conjunction on the ground up to 40kts. The rudder then stops working, even in the air there is no rudder movement. This is with and without the auto-rudder function in P3D. So what happens it is that on the takeoff and landing roll beyond 40kts there is no lateral control. Shez
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