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  1. There's a copilot available via Simmarket; if you're familiar with the Aerosoft A320 embedded Copilot, it works pretty much the same: https://secure.simmarket.com/flight-simulator-innovative-addons-flight-sim-first-officer-(fsfo)-aerosoft-crj-x.phtml
  2. Surely a beta tester uses one of the two most popular flight planners available today? .
  3. I appreciate the sentiment, sir...I truly do; however, we're going on 6 months now. I can't think of another major distributor that's unable to resolve critical problems within 60 days; heck, one well known developer typically resolves bugs in less than 48 hours. To that point, it's not about frustration, it's about using a product I paid for; in its current state, this Aircraft can not be used online; it's simply too unpredictable (e.g. lose of speed and routinely bust speed and altitude restrictions). Again, I appreciate your positive attitude! Nevertheless, as customers, I think we've been more than fair and patient...it's time for Aerosoft to deliver or make it right via other mechanisms...
  4. They are also dozen of people telling you they experience this problem on every flight; thus, using your own logic, there's obviously something wrong with your code. Worse, your team appears incapable of diagnosing and resolving the issue; we're going on 5 months now. To that end, will you be offering an refund aperture?
  5. hmmmm....could the aircraft be entering approach mode prematurely? That's the only interaction I believe the first officer has with the A/T?
  6. Just had the speed drop to green dot speed while at cruise; i actually got through the climb phase without any issues. At this point, I'd like to know if Aerosoft has a mechanism to offer refunds? From a customers' perspective, I've been more than patient for this issue to to be solved. I've wasted enough time reinstalling this product; in short, I no longer have any faith in your ability to diagnosis and fix this problem. I'm incredibly disappointed with this purchase; my money could have been better spent on an alternative product capable of simulating a proper A/T. Perhaps it's time to contract an outside programmer capable of fixing this issue? I apologize for coming into your house and authoring an inflammatory message; yet, I expected better from Aerosoft!
  7. I just tired another flight; same situation: speed drops and is almost unrecoverable. The AT in this aircraft is a mess
  8. I am still having issues with speed control; fortunately, managed mode during the climb phase seems to have been solved with the latest release (thank you!). However, when the aircraft reaches cruise altitude, the speed now drops to green dot, which forces me to take the AT out of managed mode and use 'mach.' Any suggestions? I'm really starting to get frustrated with the AT; the prior rendition worked flawlessly; yet, this version has been plagued by multiple issues. Again, I know you're working hard on the bugs and this certainly doesn't make the aircraft 'un-flyable'; it is, however, a significance annoyance. Also, the aircraft never seems to reach cruise altitude; I have to set the altitude +200 above the imputed value in the FMC. Otherwise, the decent checklist wont engage.
  9. Does anyone else find the the buses to be a little too 'touchy' on approach/landing? The slightest input seems to have an exaggerated impact. To that point, will the FDE be part of the next update? If not, does someone have FSUPIC profile (i.e. slope adjustment) they're willing to share?
  10. Dave, I always takeoff in managed climb mode to ensure SID constraints are adhered to; that's not it, sir. I appreciate the quick reply tho!
  11. Team, After years of enjoying the Airbus X, I'm really struggling to enjoy this new version. Specially, I'm having troubles with the aircraft take off profile; after acceleration height, I place the throttle into the climb detent and watch the aircraft enter a 4 - 5000 fpm climb, which quickly bleeds speeds. The result is the aircraft entering Alpha Floor protection; I can avoid the situation by toggling on/off the autopilot; however, this isn't realistic and/or desirable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Matt
  12. kingm56

    Voice Sets

    Are there additional 'copilot' voice sets available yet? The ones provided are sub par, especially when comparing them to the ones available on the previous rendition.
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