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  1. The Working Title CJ4 is also in the process of implementing Navigraph charts on the MFD. They show working videos of it in action on their Discord server. Not sure how similar that is to an implementation on the tablet in CRJ.
  2. I posted it a while back and it is now buried. But... Hans was the guy behind the excellent Fokker 70/100 for FSX back in the day from Digital Aviation. Just sayin
  3. KORD-KMKE (or KMSN) Both are really short, and I’ve been on a CR7 for both of them in real life. Flight time wheels up to down for MKE is 16minutes.
  4. Oohh nice! That is our first confirmed retro! Gives me hope for quite a few more! If you look at this list of CRJ-700 operators, there weren't actually that many of them. List of Bombardier CRJ operators - Wikipedia Only about 18. So, tbh, I wouldn't be at all surprised to get every CRJ-700 livery from that list. Granted, a few of those airlines have had multiple liveries. Aerosoft has already surprised us big time so far. I wouldn't put a few more surprises past them.
  5. Not yet. We only know the ones we've seen in previews. So Delta, Lufthansa, current American Connection, & current United Express GoJet 550.
  6. Ohhh yes!!!! I completely forgot about AW. They were an amazing airline w/ an amazing livery!
  7. What are people's favorite CRJ7 liveries? In my opinion, the two sexiest liveries ever are no longer with us, unfortunately. They were the original American Eagle livery, and the United Rising Blue livery. The CRJ7 looked so sharp in both of them. Would love to see these added to the livery list. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please add only links!
  8. Great work @Hans Hartmann& team! Alright, next up Hans' beautiful F70/F100
  9. Damn @TheDude, it’s a good thing we forum members are not your check airman 😂
  10. Now the question will be does the T/O Perf calculator on the tablet have an option for APU on/off departures? I’d read the manuals but then I’d miss the fun here.
  11. First flight will be loading up with engines started on Runway at KORD. Will quickly handfly to KMKE and then back with autopilot to put her through her paces and get the general feeling of the aircraft and how to operate the autopilot. After that, the first “real” flight will be KORD-KSDF with the two FSDT sceneries.
  12. CRT is a curved screen (think of your old TVs in the 80s/90s and early 2000s). LCD is completely flat. You can clearly see the curve in the screens on the CRJ here. Which is good, because I prefer the retro look of the CRTs!
  13. That is how it is irl. O’hare has never had SIDs. Always been an iteration of the ORD6 RV departure. Makes it easy when the surrounding area is flat as can be. They don’t call us Illinois Flatlanders for nothing
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