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  1. It is still stuck in customs 6 weeks later. It's not lost as it is scanned every few days so no compensation to be had. However, @Marius Ellenbürger has sorted me out while it's waiting in customs and I have the replacement now in hand. Excellent customer service from Aerosoft!
  2. Box just had some stock again. I have given up waiting for German customs to release my throttle quadrant I returned to Aerosoft for repair (waiting for five weeks now) and ordered another. I suspect the first will just be buried under a pile of Brexit bureaucracy for eternity.
  3. Thanks for your efforts@DaveCT2003. That is encouraging that it might be possible, I'll contact Honeycomb about it and let you know what they say. Best of luck in your new position!
  4. Hi @DaveCT2003, hope you are well! Just wondering if you had any success with a better way of calibrating the throttle axis? I've now mapped all engines to just a single axis so they all move in sync, approaches in the CRJ are almost impossible otherwise. Unfortunately I may have to look in to sending the Bravo in for repair unless there is a way to account for it.
  5. The creator of AAO has helpfully added an update which includes instructions for a very hacky workaround while Asobo work on a fix should you wish to give it a go. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/598916-aao-and-the-latest-msfs-wasm-module-trouble/page/2/#comments I can confirm that my CRJ bindings are back in action.
  6. Unfortunately the latest WU4 update seems to have broken compatiblity with some WASM add-ons, including Axis and Ohs.
  7. That's great, thanks @HighFlyer51. Is it possible to create single button to cycle through the different modes rather than having an increment and decrement? I have cobbled together this which cycles up the NAV sources FMS1 - VOR1 - BLANK - VOR2 - FMS 2 - VOR2 - Blank - VOR1 - FMS1 but ideally it would just start again from FMS1. Likewise looking to achieve the same with the FORMAT selector. I coudn't figure out how to get the current state in the sim aside from the LSP_NAV_SOURCE number. nav_source_decrement (+10 rather than -10 above) (L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·10·+·dnor·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·(L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE,·Number)·--·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE,·Number) nav_source_increment (L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·10·+·dnor·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·(L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE,·Number)·++·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE_CHANGE,·Number) nav_source_cycle 80·(L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·<=·if{0·(>L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)}·els{40·(L:ASCRJ_LSP_NAV_SOURCE,·Number)·<=·if{1·(>K:Aerosoft_CRJ-nav_source_decrement)}·els{1·(>K:Aerosoft_CRJ-nav_source_increment)}}
  8. Thanks Dave, interesting that it is a problem in real planes too. I have managed to configure axis 3 and 5 to work together well now, although they still don't match up perfectly the engines remain closely in sync.
  9. Hi, just wondering if it is possible to recalibrate the throttle axis of the Bravo? I ran through the Windows controller recalibration but could not get it to sort the issue I am having. Basically axis 4 seems to require a slightly higher lift before registering it has moved on the axis. The max thrust values seem the same though. The result of this is that even with axis 3 and 4 level the throttles are uneven in the sim by a few percent. I didn't notice this (aside from my wonky landings) until calibrating for the CRJ which gives the raw values so I think that explains why I almost always drift to the right on landing.
  10. Just downloaded the MSFS update and my CRJ altitude selector is stuck at 50,000 feet. I've tried re-installing the CRJ but get the same problem. Was working perfectly fine yesterday so I think the update may have caused an issue.
  11. Just a follow up to this, reading some of the advice and using SPEED mode to climb has resolved this for me, I've not come across the problem since. However, getting up to the higher altitudes is a bit of a slow struggle with even a moderately loaded aircraft but I'm guessing that is expected.
  12. This is fantastic thanks. Hadn't heard of this software until today, looking forward now to trying it out with other aircraft and bindings that I have struggled to get working. Does anyone know if there a respository to find additional templates such as for the Logitech/Saitek Radio Panel?
  13. I've had the same problem in most of the flights I've tried with the CRJ. Even with the same load and distribution, it seemed to kick in at different altitudes.
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