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  1. Hi BenBaron, So that old driver for window 7 is no more needed. Thanks for the super quick response. I now understood. Take care and stay safe regards. ricky1088
  2. Hello Good Afternoon Aerosoft and friends. I need a simple help here. I owned the above product and I had also now upgraded to Microsoft Flight Simulator deluxe version for Window 10 bought at Microsoft store. I had been sitting in front of my PC for quiet awhile looking high and low and all corners for the drivers but to no avail. Could someone kindly point me the download drivers section. Thank you ricky1088
  3. OK, never mind Thanks for quick response. I got myself mixed up ,could be due to watching too many review in the net. The edit tab is for xplane11 Thank again for the taking time to help. regards.. ricky1088
  4. Thanks for quick reply. I know a new version is available for the configurator but the update tab is grey out. I am also missing the edit tab in the configurator for fsx. this is my version no v1.5.0.5 after install appreciate your further help. Thanks ricky1088
  5. Hello Aerosoft First my apology if this is the wrong forum to post for assistance. My order No.1120227286 for the Alpha honeycomb flight control. software installed without problem but trend micro has block updating . I had put YokeInput .exe in exception list however i cannot find Aerosoft updater.exe. pls help .I am stud here. cannot open YolkInput. Thanks ricky1088
  6. hopefully wsss, changi intl is on the list ricky1088
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