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  1. Don't know if this is in the right place, but if not please redirect. For a long time now I have been searching on Forums to find a way of incorporation Vatsim into P3D native VR but without success. today I found a way which you can use without taking off you headset, just like looking down at your tablet when flying. I only have the Rift s but there must be a way round for other headsets. Just start up as normal putting in all basic information vehicle, airport and such then enter native P3D VR. Press the oculus button on the right hand controller and then enter Desktop, then just click anyt
  2. Hi, any one know if it is possible to put an avatar in the co-pilot seat would be nice if when looking across in VR some one was there, just an interesting thought.
  3. Hope this is in the right place. Is it possible in the A330 pro to switch between comms 1&2. The reason I ask is so I can have vatsim on coom 1 and Vox on 2 this way I can just check when on uni-com with just a flick of a switch instead of changing freq. Thanks for any help
  4. Hi sorry for the delay just got back. The info you need is as follows: Airbus 330_1.0.0.2 P3Dv4.5.12.30293 Thanks Peter
  5. Hi Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately I post just before I left home and shall not be back until Sunday, as soon as I return I will get the information you asked for and post it. If it is any help before then I have the latest wrap of P3Dv4.5, and it is the only version of the A330 pro downloaded from Aerosoft site. thanks peter
  6. Hi Simmers Airbus 330 P3Dv4.5 Flyinside Oculus Rift s Strange one this even flyinside are scratching their head. Everything loads as normal including GSX. Start both engines and taxi to runway for take off. ATC cleared both throttle levers set to take off, green dot goes fully round fmc show Man to/ga and auto/th but the line on the instrument panel which shows the engines are spooling stays where it is and I proceed down the runway at idle speed ( not good for take off) Joking aside this only happens with the A330 and flyinside. All other aircraft everything
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