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  1. Hi guys i have the same issue. Its quite wierd to swich off the engines and in less than a second everything silent. Any toughts? brgs Nuno
  2. Sorry, not pull the knob but push it ...........
  3. Thank you, I have introduced all winds data on the FMC with no results. I pull the ALT knob 5nm before T/D, answering to masterhawk Hope to be able to get this issue fixed brgs
  4. Hi guys, I’m quite glad with this new bus but definately I have a problem when getting on the T/D and pushing the ALT knob. The aircraft starts its descent but does not follow the magenta dot. Vertical speed will be from -6500 and -5000. i’ve read here that could be due to our weather engines but it is quite strange. With the same weather engine on other versions i did not have this issue. On the FMC there is no chance to introduce the weather manually in case this is the reason for the issu. I’ve performed many flights now with this new bus and the behaviour is always the same regarding following the descend path. ENGM LFPG ENGM LIRF LIRF EKCH ENGM ENTC ENTC ENBO Does anyone is experimenting the same issue? Best regards
  5. Hi Same here. No way to get a smooth descend. The AP does not follow the magenta dot. brgs
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