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  1. I did enjoy! The Dornier is my most recent aircraft and definitely as real as it gets. I loved the scenery as well. Thanks for the post! Jeff
  2. Maybe I missed it, but once I installed the do 27, there wasn't any manual available. Does a Dornier do27 manual exist? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks guys. I did a little research last night after the post. I read about the Zebra painted version. It was piloted by Barnhard Grzimek, a German veterinarian, whose work was instrumental in founding the National Park in Serengeti. His son Michael was killed in the do27 in 1959 after colliding with a bird midair. Just a little Wikipedia info. :wink: I love the realism, and though I like the additional liveries, one of the originally released North American livery in orange has a way of growing on me. Great paint for a great sim. Thanks again, Jeff
  4. Thanks, I'll do a search there.
  5. Does there exist any repaints for the do27? If not, how would I be able to do it myself? Is there a kit for this and how would you access the textures? Jeff
  6. Thanks, Shaun. I will try that, but if I do that, and I fly to these areas in the same flight, the corresponding scenery won't show, will it? I, like everyone else, want it all! I should be able to fly to Shorty's Cabin and route to any Misty Mooring spots or Orcas Island, shouldn't I? :?: Thanks for you time with a newbie, Jeff
  7. That's correct, Shorty's Farm, SF1. The AFCAD files are in the appropriate place. I see Shorty's Farm, when in flight, on the map. The problem is when creating a flight, there's no Shorty's Farm or SF1 available for starting a flight from or planning a flight to.
  8. Hello. First off, Let me say thanks for the hard work put forth in producing such wonderful addons. I'm fairly new to the bush flying sport, however my Cessna 206 Amphib and I are addicted and at it almost daily. However, I've installed Misty and Tongass Fjords, Orcas Island, Freight Dogs the Scenery, FS Cargo, and the basic Misty Moorings scenery and now Shorty's Cabin shows up on the FS9 map, however, there is no option to select it in the create a flight screen of FS9. Where should I start. Any help would be appreciated, See you above the treetops, Jeff
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