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  1. So an incredible amount of time does not even allow for 2 minutes of typing and posting? If they have time to eat and sleep on their own, it does not matter how fantastic that something is, their are thousands of flight simmers here depending on them. PFPX is a very important piece of software for so many. All I ask is for a crumb to be tossed to the floor for us. If it were not for TOPCAT and the way that situation was handled (aside from being able to get a new license - it fell of the edge of the planet on Sept 3 2016), I would take this current episode as its being portrayed (they have "things" to deal with), as a special case. But the TOPCAT episode has returned in PFPX the way I see it....its like a bad habit. If they are part time scientists that go to Antarctica for months then tell us....but we would likely already know this. If they are doctors working on a cure for Ebola.....there would have never been time or the desire to develop TOPCAT or PFPX. They must be secret agents suddenly put on a case to save the world....why then create PFPX to leave us hanging with no backup team or plan? There is NO excuse for the lack of communication (a simple crumb) here.
  2. I ( I'm sure many simmers ) appreciate anything you can do Mathijs. I know its not Aerosoft's fault that something horrible has happened to Christian and Judith (the only explanation in my view, because I really think they are responsible and kind people).
  3. We know "its being developed" - OLD news! I think it is not too much to ask for a 1 or 2 sentence progress update of sorts. If nothing else, so we can pray for their recovery from cancer or the bubonic plague or whatever is preventing a simple courtesy. My tone fits the situation perfectly because of this statement on December 23, 2017: If they never said an update was forthcoming, especially in weeks, not months, not years, then surly the community (I certainly) would give them some more space, but an explanation is at the minimum, good business practice. Maybe PMDG's Global Operations product is in the mix, maybe they are waiting for AS A330 or they would rather tour Europe IRL, who knows - NOT us customers. Whatever the reason, courtesy has been flushed down the toilet. Respect must be mutual or it does not exist at all. Aerosoft is better and knows better than this.
  4. This forum needs to become a billboard with immensely bright neon colors! Unless Christian and Judith are both dead or in a coma, there is no excuse for the lack of some form of communication for this long.
  5. I guess we'll just have to bump this until somebody gets the message. Would much rather be thanking somebody for a little consideration. ADMIN: this forum is not a billboard, so please keep the font sizes and colours in a certain limit.
  6. I think what users here would like is just a glimmer of hope because of how wonderful this planner is. A note from Judith & Christian would be great.
  7. There was an update Sept 16, 2017, so it has not been a year. Judith & Christian will likely come through soon enough.
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