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  1. Love it, remember seeing this plane while on a school trip, it looked stunning in the Phoenix night.
  2. That's not good news! I really hope they will still have some sort of heritage symbol on the airplane, I can't see my hometown carrier dissolve away like this!
  3. I think it looks really good! Hope to fly it soon!
  4. Can't wait! Looks perfect, you even did the oneworld decal.
  5. And all of the other aforementioned US Airways A319s:
  6. Do you mean these? Well, you're right, I don't believe anyone has started work on these!
  7. Thanks for the support, hopefully people will be more inclined to paint those now!
  8. I would love to see my hometown carrier, US Airways (a very special airline to me), in all of their A319 paints, including: >> Regular US Airways A319 >> Arizona Cardinals A319 >> Carolina Panthers A319 >> Pittsburgh Steelers A319 >> Philadelphia Eagles A319 >> Nevada Livery A319 >> Arizona Livery A319 >> 1980 America West Heritage Livery A319 >> Piedmont Heritage Livery A319 >> PSA Heritage Livery A319 >> America West w/ American Airlines Logo Heritage Livery A319 >> Allegheny Heritage Livery A319 Reall
  9. Holgi we have missed you more than you can imagine back at the Airbus thread
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