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  1. jodle

    After DCT T/D gone

    HI! Today flight EPKT-EPGD. Directing GD903 after departure EPKT - T/D sign gone from PFD.
  2. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/announcement/104-1242-experimental-now-available/
  3. I did it. Also have question about experimental build. I can't download it via updater (there is no exp build - even selected). Where can I download it?
  4. No. When I import fplan I can't chose others RWY. It's normall?
  5. Trying few things - enable/disable STARS - without result only shows rwy06. I've imported fplans via routes, not entered manually. Please check it.
  6. On latest 1230 version and AIRAC1907 there is no LEPA ILS24L/R approach.
  7. And on FSLabs FMC what should I chose? It doesn't load automaticaly fplan
  8. HI! Thx for incomming updt. Afct is still on ground ;-) What will be time to depart SP1?
  9. jodle

    Terrain radar

    Just click ;-) button on the left range knob.
  10. jodle

    Terrain radar

    It is and works fine ;-) BTW My suggestion is for APU start. It won't run only if aircraft state is the same like in DAVEos and FMC for ex cold and dark.
  11. Any news? I can't still shut down engines.
  12. jodle

    Terrain radar

    Does CRJ9 implemented terrain radar? WX radar works fine.
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