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  1. And on FSLabs FMC what should I chose? It doesn't load automaticaly fplan
  2. HI! Thx for incomming updt. Afct is still on ground ;-) What will be time to depart SP1?
  3. jodle

    Terrain radar

    Just click ;-) button on the left range knob.
  4. jodle

    Terrain radar

    It is and works fine ;-) BTW My suggestion is for APU start. It won't run only if aircraft state is the same like in DAVEos and FMC for ex cold and dark.
  5. Any news? I can't still shut down engines.
  6. jodle

    Terrain radar

    Does CRJ9 implemented terrain radar? WX radar works fine.
  7. Cutoff levers also doesn't stop the engines. LNAV now works - thx!
  8. Latest version of CRJ and P3D. After land and correct checklist. On APU ENG stop button doesn't work. Can't stop engine ;-) LNAV issue - correct fix.
  9. You should be developer of CRJ! Thx for article. Agree with 100%. A/C waiting in hangar to repair issue... ;-(
  10. HI!Waiting for fix LNAV maybe someone make new liverie - NORDICA:
  11. HI! Waiting for fix LNAV maybe someone make new liverie - NORDICA:
  12. Same for me. It's flying like drunk cat. Perfect version IMHO was 1004. Now flying on HDG ;-) LOL Attached my SID EDDH procedure
  13. X52pro. After start sim press F2 then F1... For now sollution.
  14. Any info about go arround procedure and flightplans gone? Please try go arround and on PFD flightplans gone...
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