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  1. No. Trying few scenarios with pushback/without. Same problem. Today on twitch/BB711 make same procedure as me or am I 😉 and I have problem. Using FSUIPC, Aivlasoft EFB. When flying i heard some like wind in cabin 😉 but on EFB all is closed without error.
  2. Covid makes me fat 😉 true...
  3. Same problem. Pressure still increasing.
  4. Question: CRJ can't reach cruising altitude. Set FL380 climbing on 345 and stop. Trying V/S - 100-400 fpm aircraft is slowing down and descending. It depends of wind?
  5. CTRL+ALT (right) + click on display on CRJ
  6. Since month I started day with coffee and looking into forum 😉 Happy announce day!
  7. HI! What about holding procedure? Does it implemented?
  8. Same problem. Just look latest clip from BLACKBOX711 on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/517899731 1h 34min
  9. When I set in FMC transponder code (via radio btn) it doesn't send that code into other systems like EFB (aivlasoft), Vatsim/IVAO etc. Only works set from knob on Radio tuning units.
  10. HI!Waiting for fix LNAV maybe someone make new liverie - NORDICA: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8855845
  11. EUROLOT SP-EIA please ;-) I flight with those line on IVAO... http://i.imgur.com/gnoP7rZ.jpg
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