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  1. Hi, from my experience there is one setting, which has a huge impact on loading times. "Use High resolution textures" (ground textures, not global resolution). Without this option the loading time of my P3D 4.4 from a SSD is under 1 minute (with all the Orbx stuff (global, germany n/s, vector). With High resolution textures=ON, the loading time rises up to 5 to 6 minutes. But for me it's worth it, because you will get sharp ground textures even far away. Hope that helps. Kurt
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick reaction. Now everything is working fine. Your support, as allways, is outstanding! Thanks, Kurt
  3. Hi, it seems that the latest update screwed up a few things within simstarter ng. First: The program picks always the first paintscheme of an airplane. For my standard flight this is Piper Cup, but simstarter ng uses Piper Cup Paint1. If you save your profile with another paintscheme, than simstarter will revert back to the first paint scheme. But more serious: I have activatet the scenery selection screen on startup of a profile. But you will not be asked to select a scenery. P3D V4.2 simply starts without any further information and simstarter ng remains open. All was perfect before the last two updates. Thanks, Kurt
  4. Hi Nicolas, I use P3D V4.1 since it's release in May/June (32 GB RAM, MSI GTX 1080, Windows 7-64 Pro). I never had a system so stable before, but I also went into trouble sometimes: Flytampa - flying into Athens with Dynamic Lights on and at Down or Dusk ends with "P3D stopped working" - so "DL" allways off. One month ago, I decided to give FSDT-Airports and GSX a try again in P3D V4.1, despite I had to remove their airports and GSX from FS2004 and also FSX before - allways after a few weeks and on different PC's with different Windows versions, thanks to the famous couatl-Engine and Addon-manager. A few days ago, my P3D got unstable with PMDG 737NG just on final approach at every airport (... stopped working and I landed on the desktop with no message), my thoughts were "voilà, the good old FSX days with OOMs a back finallly". But I found out, if you have GSX installed, just remove it and everything is fine again. FSDT New York V2 together with Drzewiecki's New York runs fine, but GSX killed my P3D V4 and I had to remove it completely. Now my sim is stable again. Hope that helps. Best wishes Kurt
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