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  1. Thank Martin I just put some XP11 library on XP10 default scenery and every thing work like a charme Great scenery
  2. Martin I agree with you but my computer is not powerful enough. I will upgrade to XP11 when I can change my PC, that why I will be very happy if i can find a solution to use this scenery with XP10. Pierre
  3. First of all, thank Marten to take account of my problem. So, when I try to use Tromso-Mesh on XP10 I have this message : “The following scenery package has a problem and will therefore not be loaded: Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - ENTC Tromso - Mesh/ It requires an additional library scenery package that is not installed, or it is missing some of its“ As the message say the scenery is not loaded and There is some object floating in the air. You can find atatched my Log.txt Again, Thank for your help. Pierre Log.txt
  4. Hi, I'm using XP10 and when I bought your TROMSO scenery i did pay attention that it was only for XP11. I know you're write it everywhere, but sometime when you don't when to see somthing you don't see it So after some manipulation I succside to use Tromo - Airport on XP10 ( It's look fantstyc) but unfortunaly I'm not able to do somthing with Tromso - Mesh. By this way I have many object whish are floating in the air. What can i do to have those objets at the right place or is it possible to you to send me a Tromso-Mesh usable on XP10 ? Thank you by advance. Pierre
  5. Thank for your answer. It will be great if something can be done Pierre
  6. Hello, I would like to know if there is any scheduled update of this scenery, especially to solve the FPS drop when we are close to the terminal. Thank by advance for your answer. Pierre
  7. Hello, As I said in a last post I have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately I never found any solution. After many investigation the only thing I found is if you delete ENSH_GP_01.obj, ENSH_GP_02.obj, ENSH_GP_03.obj and ENSH_GP_04.obj on WED every thing goses better with fps, but your loose the ground So for me, the guilty are thos objects. If some one could tell how can solve the problem it will be so great. You can fin attached my log.txt Pierre Log.txt
  8. Heinz, Thank for your quick answer. I forget to say in my previous post without Svolvaer installed i had no fps problem. So I think that it's not a problem of X-PLANE 10 Pierre
  9. Hi Heinz, I checked all the configurations you proposed but nothing change. I tried on another computer, a mac one this time, but i had the same result I attached my log txt I hope someone could help me Pierre Log.txt
  10. Hi Heinz I'm little bit disappointed. I reset all my preference, I removed all my plugins and scenery, I reinstalled ENSH scenery twice with the latest version of XP10. But unfortunately I have the same problem. It's like there is a curupted file. I have some huge secenry that impact my fps, but the fps drop evrywhere on the airport no just at one point like this. I realy love this scenery that why I'm so disapointed to be unable to use it. I really hope you'll be abale to help me. Thank by advance Pierre
  11. Hello Heinz, I did several test with no other scenery and no plugin but unfortunately nothing change. There is always a huge drop of fps close to the terminal. Could it be a problem with some objects in this scenery ? Have you other report of same problem ? Thank for your help Pierre
  12. Thank a lot Heinz for your answer. But I'm not german I'm french Sorry for my bad English, but i should say that a don't know anything in german. Google Translate helped me to understand the ame of your answer. I'll try your solution and see if it's solve my probléme. Thank again Pierre
  13. Heinz As you can see on the first screenshot I'm close to the terminal and I have 15 fps et the second one, on the middle of the runway, not so far to the terminal, I have 33 fps. You can also find attached the log.txt Thank by advance for your help. Pierre Log.txt
  14. Thank Heinz for your quick answer. I will send you screenshot end log.txt as soon as possible. Pierre
  15. Hello, I just bought SVOLVAER and i have a strange issue. When I taxing on ENSH I have around 30 fps but as soon as I am close to the terminal my fps drop to 12 - 15. Do you have any idea how to solv this problem ? Thank by advance for your help Pierre
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