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  1. Sorry I made a mistake , the fps problem is with the svolvaer scenery as you can see in the title , it's not a problem of the settings , I have other heavy airport addons without fps problems. As I said the fps drop it's only in front of the airport buildings , if you flying over the airport or taxi in the runway the framerates are normal. Thanks for your answer Edit: I tried to reduce my rendering settings as you said , nothing changed , I've got the same problem even in very low settings
  2. I recently purchased 3 addons through steam , svolvaer , vaeroy and svalbard , two of them vaeroy and svalbard , runs perfectly and smoothly but with vaeroy its unable to takeoff cause when you are near the terminal fps drops to 10-15 , in the runway or in the air there are no problems , sorry for my bad english and thanks.
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