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  1. Yep! that did the trick, absolutely beautiful scenery. Tusen tack!/Andreas
  2. The manual doesnt say anything about mesh resolution although I tried everything from 38m down to 1m mesh resolution, didn't help.
  3. Hello! I just bought and installed the Vaeroy X scenery into a fresh install of FSX:SE and the first thing I see is these weird washed out textures on the mountains. Do note I have the latest version of SODE installed but no other addons yet, only stock FSX. I have also installed it in P3Dv3.4 and the problem is the same there. Cheers!/Andreas
  4. I don't know how you got that data but it fits perfectly in to my profile. Put the kids to bed, put on a pot of coffee, plan a quick route with onlineflightplanner, chuck it in the Bus and off I go. Max 2 hour flights or I'll fall asleep in front of my monitor. That's why I love the Aerosoft Airbus, it's like it knows me. I love flight simming but as I've grown older and reproduced, three times over lol! time has become a premium and I just want to get the essentials out of my few evening hours of flight simming time. I can't even remember when I had time to sit down in the middle of a day and just fly around until bedtime. I recently bought a newly released high-profile add-on aircraft from another developer and while I love it and wouldn't dream of returning it, there are so many functions and simulated stuff that I will never use it almost feels like a shame. I almost feel guilty when I have failures and other stuff disabled in it but I just can't see the fun and value of simulating failures, I'm sure others do though.
  5. I'm not buying unless there is a Geordie accent option for the FO's voice. Cheers!/Andreas
  6. I just want to say how much I appreciate the philosophy of how Aerosoft and their sub-contractors have managed the development and support of the A32x series over the years. Few developers, big or small, follow through on their products in such a way. I'd also like to add how much I love the balance of the A32x product and how complete it is. Yes, there are developers airliners with a higher degree of complexity out there but few that gives you for example, planning tools (fuelplanner) and voice packages in the same purchase. The Airbus series strikes an absolute perfect balance with regards to complexity, good performance, enjoyment, ease-of-use, completeness and at a very reasonable price point. No P3D extra fees etc. It's FUN flying the A32x series, not just excruciating complex. I'm not much for going through exact checklists manually so having the co-pilot speaking out the checks is much more fun and makes it easier to also learn. I appreciate a lot of people in the sim-community really love high degree of complexity (so do I with certain add-ons) right down to working circuit breakers etc. I'm not slamming that, I just want to express what an excellent mainstream experience the A32x series is. With all this said, I hope, and believe, that the A333 package will be developed in the same vein as it's little brothers. If that is the case, I (and those like me) will have many hours, or even years, of flightsimming enjoyment to look forward to. My letter of appreciation to Aerosoft and it's affiliated developers. Cheers!/Andreas
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