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  1. Yep, instead of oom's the fps are really good. Stable on 25/30 in all parts of scenery. And i have a mid end system. I hope this problem could be solved. I won't be able to fly to LGTS in this conditions Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  2. VAS started dropping when airport is not on my front. I forgot to mention one thing about los angeles. Before ftxg i used megascenery socal (one more reason to have oom's) and i didn't have any problems. So, making a comparision: Los angeles area: - FSDT KLAX (big airport) - Megascenery - ASN (with enhanced overcast in an overcast day) - PMDG 777/NGX - TML 2048 = No OOM Thessaloniki area: - Small airport - No photoscenery - ASN (with enhanced overcast but in a party cloudy day) - PMDG 777/NGX - TML 1024 = OOM Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, and like i said before the main problem is in the airport. It's consuming to much VAS. KLAX is 5x bigger than LGTS and VAS consumption is not so high. Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  4. I don't think FTXG is the cause of oom's. I own ftxg and vector, and i have no oom's at FSDT KLAX with ftxg enabled, vector and road lights enabled, ASN and PMDG 777 or even the NGX. Only in this scenery. FTXG, vector and road lights are not certanly the cause of OOM's Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  5. Before i purchase FTXG i used a lot of photosceneries with mega airports, and i didn't have any OOM so like was said there's something with this scenery, because many people have this problem. Hope the developers could find a way to fix this. I didn't notice any difference with 3d grass disabled and with no duplicate afcads and tml set on 1024 the oom's continue. Only in the final approach. Flying over the city switching views (this increases vas usage)i have no oom. On the final app and no switching views, i have the oom problem Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  6. That's when i got the oom too. On the short final, and i must say (again) that the problem is in the airport and not with the city. VAS increases dramatically when you are facing the airport Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for your help guys. First, i will only do 2 things: - Disable duplicate afcad's - set TML to 1024 i'll report back, and if this don't solve anything i'll select LITE II option
  8. Thanks! I use ASN as weather engine. Can anyone give me some details about LITE / LITE II visual differences ?
  9. I have Aerosoft My Traffic 2013, and i have many bgl's disabled because of addon sceneries, but not all and i can confirm that i have a duplicate afcad at LGTS. i'll rename that bgl on mytraffic folder and see after what happens.. i always install with administrator rights with UAC disabled. Should i rename the bgl traffic to .off uninstall and reinstall scenery again ? Thanks for your help
  10. In process explorer, from what i've seen, couatl "belongs" to FSX VAS consumption. Programs that contribute to increase VAS, i saw: couatl; as_audio; EZCA and nothing more if i remember
  11. Texture size: 2048 I've applied LITE (in version 3.0) , but i will apply LITE II to see if i have some benefits. Weather engine: ASN. CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=6 And yes, i tick the enhanced overcast option in ASN
  12. I don't understand, if i have all sceneries disabled except departure/arrival sceneries(no photoscenry enabled!) + Win7 x64 i have this. it's a shame i can't enjoy one of the best fsx's sceneries i have. But only when the airport is on my front, the VAS increases a lot. When airport is on my back, VAS reduces again, i realized that on my last approach. And after the final turn (aircraft aligned with runway- airport in front of me) VAS has increased again and OOM shuts off fsx
  13. Yep, sorry my mistake. But disabling that in exe.xml will disable GSX ?
  14. I have disabled all sceneries in fsx that i don't use in the flight. Yesterday, VABB-LGTS only this two sceneries active + ftx global + vector + road lights + orbx trees + ASN (overcast day) + PMDG 777 + LGTS LITE (v3.0), maybe i have to try use LITE II, to see if i have any differences
  15. I always disable the sceneries i don't use before the flight with the scenery editor software and still the oom's persist Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  16. Once again, imo the airport is consuming more vas than the city Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  17. I still have OOM's with the v3.0 patch. When flying trough the city i have near 4gb hearing the bell. On the final turn to runway 16 it runs out of memory (with ngx and 777) Enviado do meu GT-I9505 através de Tapatalk
  18. I'm downloading the v3.0, and do i have to revert to normal installation with v2.0 ? or simply run the 3.0 and choose ?
  19. Patch downloaded. Tomorrow i'll do a flight do LGTS to see. i have always OOM's with NGX and 777, but for what i saw, the airport is heavier on VAS usage than the city. I'll report back with the patch installed
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