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  1. Just performed the check as you mentioned and my system turns out to be supporting DirectX12 as well. Perfect! Thank you very much for the kind and quick response!
  2. Maybe my following question was already answered, in this case please apologize and Point me to correct topic! I read in the forums that the new Version 5 of P3D shall give a performance boost using DirectX12. But in my case my mainboard seems to support DirectX11 only as per spec. Has anyone made some experiences if he got also a performance boost with DirectX11 and P3D v5? Regards Dennis
  3. As I don‘t want to spend money for a new case I will go for the other solution. But I am very thankful for your both answers
  4. Indeed I have no practical experience with water cooled cycles in a pc but it seemed to be a promising alternative to the convective air cooling by using a fan I have currently placed just in front of the computer to transport heat to the outside. Thank you very much for your answer
  5. Hi Mr Kok, when I read through this topic very interested in your new system build I focused on one component to may be the solution of all trouble I got the past month of simming. During the last hot summer temperatures of cpu and gpu grew up extremely and my system crashed quite offen. You mentionend to use a water cooling cycle for the cpu. So I am really thinking about improving my system by this component. Could this be a logical step or should I consider other reasons for system instability as well? Also you said to add the gpu later to the cooling cycle. Do I need another component especially for the gpu in addition to the be quiet cooling system? E.g. I found some gpu water cooling components for the 1070 on some online stores for example. Hope to hear from you and wish a nice evening Dennis
  6. Count me in for an update of Antalya LTAI, maybe with a bit mesh of surrounding mountains and city area
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