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  1. Good day, Issue corrected. Please allow me a few days to also correct a few more other minor issues and I will send the update for release. Kind regards and thanks for bringing that to my attention -=Manwlo=-
  2. Good day and apologies for the delayed answer, The flickering item you see are some wires from the installed arresting system at the area. By checking it myself I also noticed that they are slightly floating. So, I will correct them shortly and come up with an update. I will of course check the other issue you mentioned. Regards, Manwlo
  3. Did you start the engines? The throttles will not move at cold and dark status.
  4. Many real life aircrafts and also sim aircrafts (ie Q400) have modern A/P but no A/T. The first thing you have to remember is that EVERY pitch change (ie reaching cruise altitude) needs your attention and throttle action IOT maintain speed to the desired number. G/A is of course possible with no A/T (mentioned as a question some posts before). Apart from the fact that it has A LOT of fun it makes us better “pilots” 😁 -=Manwlo=-
  5. Hi there and thank you for your kind words. Being a simmer myself since 1999 I totally understand your impatience. I do have the same impatience for other products of MSFS (i.e CRJ) and had that feeling many years for many FS and P3D addons. There are three fields that we take into consideration for this product. Quality. What you can see in the first post of this thread is the simple conversion of P3D scenery to MSFS platform. We could have released it back then and make it the first LGSA scenery for MSFS ("good" idea for "temporary" competition) . It was an easy
  6. When flags are present they should animate... lgsa-flag.mp4
  7. Good day, As we are getting closer to the scenery release lets do a short tour and reveal some interesting spots: The airport is equipped with four different types of apron light poles that are not fully aligned as you can see. Some of them have cameras installed on top! This plate indicates that there are 10.000 ft of runway left. Similar plates are present along the runway every 1000ft. Papi lights and the apron area are visible on the background. The real airport is equipped with an ILS system which is not fully functional yet. How
  8. Hi there! As I mentioned in a previous post this will not be a simple conversion of P3D version to MSFS. As you have certainly noticed this is a totally new environment and of course a new platform for development. So, sometimes it needs a lot of trimming to achieve the desired outcome but it worth it in the end. More to follow in a few days 🙂 -=Manwlo=-
  9. Hi there and thank for your interest! The scenery is progressing well. It could have been a very close to release product, if this was just a conversion of the current P3D version. However, this will not be the case here. The target is to take advantage of some new features MSFS provides (i.e slopped runway that is already a fact), add some new objects and improve the existing ones to the best possible way. As an example, the following image is a part of the terminal before and after applying normal map (take a closer look to the squares that cover the building). The second o
  10. Hello and happy new year to everyone! Three months after the release of LGSA scenery from AEROSOFT for P3D and two updates for fixing some bugs, it was time for a major update of the scenery! This update is not for fixing bugs but rather to bring the scenery to the PBR ERA (after a first attempt during second update). So, 22 files of the existing scenery have been modified and 65 more added so that a full PBR update takes place. This update includes: PBR textures and normal maps to the ground textures and lines. PRB textures to the Main Terminal building, apron
  11. Hi Mike, For Chania scenery, If the version downloaded from the purchase is V. install it and then run AS Updater to upgrade it to This update resolves the issue with the autogen. It will also correct some other minor issues and upgrade ground textures to PBR, adding a rain effect. -=Manwlo=-
  12. Good day, Update released including the solution of this issue along with some other corrections and interesting additions! -=Manwlo=-
  13. Hi, After doing some troubleshooting with thomas_1975 we managed to find out a way to make the autogen visible. I will so, re-make a part of the autogen so that it does not conflict with other sceneries. This will be included in an update along with some other interesting additions. :-) -=Manwlo=-
  14. P3DV4.5 does not need this tool to merge the autogen (this is what is also mentioned in this tool's manual). I have uninstalled the tool from my P3D since the developer (Arno) says it is not required anymore. However, I checked it with the beta tester mentioned before as a potential solution and it did not resolve the issue. -=Manwlo=-
  15. Good day Thomas and thank you for your kind words, What Mathijs said seems to be true. Adding a custom autogen folder with default.xml and autogendescriptions.spb into a scenery is a normal method for P3D V4.5. However, it seems to create a conflict with other sceneries. Another user did not see the autogen from LGSA instead of losing it from another area(s). He was one of my beta testers and did not face this problem during testing but after installing it from the installer (however it is not a problem caused by the installer). Problem disappeared by disabling one of his other sc
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