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  1. Hello and happy new year to everyone! Three months after the release of LGSA scenery from AEROSOFT for P3D and two updates for fixing some bugs, it was time for a major update of the scenery! This update is not for fixing bugs but rather to bring the scenery to the PBR ERA (after a first attempt during second update). So, 22 files of the existing scenery have been modified and 65 more added so that a full PBR update takes place. This update includes: PBR textures and normal maps to the ground textures and lines. PRB textures to the Main Terminal building, apron objects and vehicles, animated objects, gas stations, apron signs, objects close to the runway and most of the other 3d objects of the scenery. Some of the objects also have normal maps. Corrections to some night textures to become more realistic after applying PBR. Some images: The update will be available by the end of this week through AS updater. Happy new year! -=Manwlo=-
  2. Hi Mike, For Chania scenery, If the version downloaded from the purchase is V. install it and then run AS Updater to upgrade it to This update resolves the issue with the autogen. It will also correct some other minor issues and upgrade ground textures to PBR, adding a rain effect. -=Manwlo=-
  3. Good day, Update released including the solution of this issue along with some other corrections and interesting additions! -=Manwlo=-
  4. Hi, After doing some troubleshooting with thomas_1975 we managed to find out a way to make the autogen visible. I will so, re-make a part of the autogen so that it does not conflict with other sceneries. This will be included in an update along with some other interesting additions. :-) -=Manwlo=-
  5. P3DV4.5 does not need this tool to merge the autogen (this is what is also mentioned in this tool's manual). I have uninstalled the tool from my P3D since the developer (Arno) says it is not required anymore. However, I checked it with the beta tester mentioned before as a potential solution and it did not resolve the issue. -=Manwlo=-
  6. Good day Thomas and thank you for your kind words, What Mathijs said seems to be true. Adding a custom autogen folder with default.xml and autogendescriptions.spb into a scenery is a normal method for P3D V4.5. However, it seems to create a conflict with other sceneries. Another user did not see the autogen from LGSA instead of losing it from another area(s). He was one of my beta testers and did not face this problem during testing but after installing it from the installer (however it is not a problem caused by the installer). Problem disappeared by disabling one of his other sceneries installed before LGSA. We are in touch and troubleshooting. I have recently read a discussion at FSDeveloper where a developer faced a similar issue (his scenery was conflicting with other sceneries' autogen) in New Zealand. This discussion leads to the conclusion that the most possible files to conflict with each other are the multiple default.xml (you will see that my scenery also has a file like that). Not loosing all your autogen from Fly Tampa but rather some of it strengthens this assumption. I know also that Fly Tampa uses it's own default.xml file at least in their library files. I don't know if EHAM has another file like that. Concluding: Please re-install LGSA and move default.xml file that is in it's autogen folder, outside P3D (i.e on desktop) and check if your EHAM trees are back. This action will make all LGSA autogen dissapear but will help me clarifying that the problem is with default.xml I 'm already preparing an update for the scenery (including PBR ground textures and some other stuff). If we do confirm that this is the issue I will also edit the autogen of the scenery so that no custom default.xml is needed. If not, I still checking for solutions with my beta tester I mentioned before and any solution will be announced or included in an update. Kind regards, -=Manwlo=-
  7. Sorry, did not see this part of the post. No this is not a solution. Both files are needed for the scenery to work correctly. Let me check a possible solution and get back to you later today. Regards, -=Manwlo=-
  8. Hi, The three files generated from ADE are LGSA_NIM011.bgl, LGSA_NIM011_CVX.bgl and LGSA_NIM011_ALT.bgl (in scenery/world/scenery folder for altitude correction) The three files creation comes from the ADE option to separate airport data from 3d objects while exporting. It is a common export for many airports. Does this separation creates a problem or is it the name? Or both? Regards, -=Manwlo=-
  9. Hi, I 'm from Crete (Chania) but I have visited Heraklion airport many times. It is an excellent job so far. I only have one (minor) issue. There is an aircraft standing at the east of the cars parking. It is at the gate of 126CW of Hellenic Air Force. This aircraft is actually a retired F-5A of HAF. As I saw in one screenshot that the aircraft you designed is a combination of F-5A (tail) and an F-16 (body). I mention it just in case you would like to fix it although this is minor. Regards, Emmanuel
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