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  1. i had OOM problem . when i use Lite II patch everything is OK .yesterday change it to default , FRPS 30 , water 2x low , all from scenery settings MAX , AI 25% and i delete from fsx.cfg this : [bUFFERPOOLS] Poolsize=0 flew from LGAV to LGTS with AXE , UTX EUROPE , FTX GLOBAL , OPUS WEATHER ENGINE ( heavy weather ) and i have no OMM error . Hope to helped .
  2. @EmilG ok i will try those settings again and hope to have better performance . will wait for next patch . thanks again ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ ...
  3. @EmilG yes i use LITE verion . adds on :utx europe ftx flobal and opus weather engine . the other adds on sceneries are disable in scenery library . thanks for reply
  4. The problem I have is when flying from LGTS to LGAV the airport and the city are ok, low frps but OK. whene flying in from LGAV to LGTS one minute before landing appears window out of the memory and the AIRPORT AS and cockpit turn black. sorry for my english .
  5. I have a problem and do not think to solve it!. did not know if we have the same.
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