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  1. Thank for advice, I delete rolling cache after each update, as I’ve experience this type of issues before, crashes fps reductions. Rado
  2. I’m having strange issue since last MSFS Hotfix, experiencing many CTDs of CRJ and sudden loss of FPS, while in preflight preparation fps drops to 1-2fps, sometimes to 10-15fps, when I check task manager, my 3D performance under GPU section drops proportionally to FPS in SIM. I’m trying to find association ether with MSFS or CRJ. No other addon is causing it. As I’ve never had any CTDs with MSFS and CRJ until latest MSFS hotfix and windows update..(BSODs…) I suspect it as a combination of issues…anyway, I will continue investigate. Event viewer doesn’t contain any valuable data for troubleshoo
  3. Hello All, with my 8 years old pc with 4770K@4,1Ghz and upgraded RAM to 32GB and 1080Ti 11GB VRAM CRJ runs just so great and stutterfree anywhere I fly (online IVAO), I'm really happy. My FPS is between 20-30 but stable, it is incomparable with others addons, yet. Rado
  4. Nice work Pavel, wait until you see it in MSFS, totally different level 😉 Rado ps. I can’t wait to buy it 🙂
  5. Hello, my landing lights do not illuminate at all, also nose light is always dark. Taxi in the night is problem, I frequently leave taxiway.... Rado
  6. Dear Aerosoft, I have to add also big thank you for great model, I’m running 8 year old PC with i4770K@4,1Ghz with 32GB RAM and 1080Ti 11GBVRAM, MSFS at High settings and 4K resolution and CRJ just runs great for me 20-30 (locked 30fps), and because it is stutterfree the experience and handling it really great comparing to P3D. And I’m not a big fan of CRJ avionics and philosophy 😜. Thank you one more time for excellent addon. Rado
  7. Hello Pavel, Carenado was one of the first, who delivered MSFS planes, PMDG working hard despite COVID impact, Majestic also stated, that they are “working” on it. QW787 is in nice stage of development...and many others, it is very young but in my opinion promising platform. I didn’t delete my P3D5 and will not delete it, but I didn’t run it since I’ve nailed down initial MSFS issues :-), when you see your sceneries exported to MSFS you will definitely like them more than P3D ones, I hope 🙂 Rado
  8. I also didn’t have my Saitek x55 configured, but I’ve managed it quickly. Many of “initial” bugs are already resolved, so you shouldn’t fight with them like we, early adopters did 🙂. In terms of physics I like it much more than P3D, at least some of default airplanes. Jets are “buggy” still...waiting for aerosoft CRJ 🙂 Rado
  9. Maybe you will be surprised Pavel,and your sceneries will be ready soon for MSFS 😉 Rado
  10. Looking forward Pavel!! you will like your scenery in MSFS,once you export it there :-), Rado
  11. Hello Pavel. if I’m not mistaken, heliport at NBS is not used at all, due to building’s static issues. Whole scenery in MSFS will look excellent! Rado
  12. Great to hear Pavel, so I can consider buying also P3D version in case I decide. Until serious airliner is released for Fs2020 I will fly both P3D and MSFS, but than :-)....you will see when you export your sceneries to new Sim,you will like it so much :-), Rado
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