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  1. Pavel makes me very happy to see you continue every day and I am very happy when I can help you!
  2. I'm sending you another photo, I think you remembered that you would make a monument to Štefan Banič.
  3. For the fokker 100 installed for the ATB hangar, I would use the texture of Austrian Airlines. As for TU 154, I'm not sure if there are any of them currently at LZIB. I wouldn't strengthen it much and I would rather not place the TU-154 anywhere else. Of course it's my opinion ... The final decision is up to you.
  4. Hi Pavel, for reality, it would certainly be good for the statically placed aircraft to be Fokker 100 and Airbus 319, both of which are government specialties of the Slovak Republic. They are most often melted on stands 14 and 15. I also attach you a photo so that you can process them. that you will still want some info with which I will be able to help you with the inscription. TU-154 is no longer in the squadron of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic since 2017, so do not place it anywhere.
  5. Hi Pavel, I see that you are working hard. I'm glad you're building the detailed surroundings of the airport. The moss is at the end of the year and LZIB is available for download. I believe there is still a lot of work on the project, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.🤞
  6. I was born in 1980. So I remember Karel Gott well. When a person is in a good mood, work is one joy.😁
  7. Good morning Pavel leads these stairs from the first floor (departure hall) to the ground floor to Apron. There are stairs at each gate.
  8. I don't know what you mean, but what is in the picture is the transition between departure gates A to D (terminal for flights to Schengen countries) and departure gates E to G (terminal for flights outside Schengen countries). I'm attaching a photo, maybe it will help you.
  9. Pavel is great that you managed to get a photo, at least you have an idea of what it currently looks like there. what is your plan as far as the airport area is concerned, how big an area will be part of the scenery?
  10. Hi Pavel I don't have a photo, but for reality it will be enough for me to change the asphalt for concrete. It is quite recent that apron was reconstructed, so there is not much photo documentation. Of course, if I can get anything, you will be the first one to give it to :-))
  11. Hi Pavel, I just want to point out that on the stand (gate) number 7, the surface is no longer covered with asphalt, but in 2020 this surface was reconstructed and is covered with concrete. so for reality I would recommend fixing. Your work is amazing I keep my fingers crossed !!
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