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  1. Ok Pavel agreed. Gate 4 and 5 are also marked for sloping stands, but the Boeing 737 is always parked vertically at these gates! In the case of sloping parking, it is more intended for small aircraft ... If you still need to know something, feel free to contact us.
  2. Hi Pavel, I would like to thank you in the first place for the great work on the update. Now I have noticed that there is a mistake in the scenery about the fat of individual gates. more accurate evil plane position on gate 3,4,5 attached screenshot from simulator. The correct position of the aircraft is perpendicular to the terminal and it concerns gate 1 to 12, I attach a photo. There is also an error from when I want to start the simulation from gate 10, so it does not allow me in the simulator - error there is gate 10. I will ask you for a repair. Well thank you.
  3. Hi Pavel. First of all, accept from me a deep compliment for the scenery you have created. I am currently flying in P3D flight LZIB to OMDB and I noticed during the taxi on runway 31 that there is no fencing along the entire length of the airport. You could fix it. such details make it an even more realistic experience. Thanks and one big thumbs up!
  4. Hi Pavel, do you have any new information regarding the release of the scenery? I can not wait!!
  5. Hi Pavel, the screenshot looks like a real photo, it's perfect and i can't wait to see when the scenery will be available
  6. Hi Pavel, when will the product be available on Aerosoft. And what will the name of the project be so that I can find it.
  7. Ahoj Pavel, je super, čo si dokázal za pár týždňov !! Prajem vám úspešný rok 2021 a nech máte ešte veľa zdravia a práce, aby ste pracovali na ďalších scenároch.
  8. Pavel, I apologize according to the latest information, Go2 Sky is still alive, but the future is very uncertain. I'm supposed to be preparing for the summer season 2021 if there will be some ... the van with the logo, so leave it on the airport area
  9. Hi Pavel, the delivery with the GO2SKY logo is unfortunately no longer up to date. GO2SKY airline went bankrupt a few weeks ago. police car is a good idea...
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