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  1. A new City Congifurator (v3.0) should be at your AS accounts.

    The LITE II version is further optimised, keeping visual reduction at minimum possible. From some testing, I gained another 200-300MB on top of the 500MB you gained from v2.0.

    On my setup, the lighter version gives me less memory load than FT Dubai.

    (I don't own MMMX-cant tell).

    With more than 1.1GB of total free space (on the NGX) on our advised settings, we are claiming much less than the '''fair''' VAS for a detailed scenery as this is.

    I have just downloaded the v2 from the Germany server, just clear my browser data for the instance, trying again to download, I hope v3 is going to be!

  2. Great news Emil

    Going to download ...

    I Have also test the Scenery Config Editor, it has give some free MBs more but I think the overall impact was not so big.

    It's a tool that you can use at circumstances like this one we have here but it is a little bit annoying doing that!

    YOU scenery developers, please focus for a solution of this great problem, the VAS problems . It not an order but friendly request.

    There are hard core simmers out there, we all like to fly "as real as it gets" and we need addons which cannot be deactivated by someone others will or thinking!!!

    Because off that, we are very careful of what we are doing with our setup, maybe sometimes we are trying some tweaks, as someone been told, but only for test purposes.

    Thanks for taking your time of reading this post...!

  3. Christopher, if your getting Stach/Hash errors you should read this.


    I firmly believe the errors you are experiencing have nothing to do with the Airport in question, but your system. The only thing that can be related to the airport is it was enough to bring your system to it's knees.

    I am sure if this was the fault of the addon, this thread would be 60 pages long.


    I will read that, I am a "reader" but you forget that the error comes only here, nowhere else at the FSX world have a problem!


    EDIT - @Badfinger done it, I hope it helps, thanks.

  4. Hi again

    I have made many many test since my last post.

    So, going to the bottom line at fist,

    • testing at every other airport I have, I never had so much VAS as by LGTS, maximum was 2500-2900 and always with real weather from ASN and AIRBUS X
    • deactivating FTX Global lights and trees, LGTS OOM, 2 times
    • FSX setting to default no problem after many tests at LGTS
    • with default FSX settings and AIRBUS X, VAS is from 3400-3600 and sometimes 3800

    As you can see the VAS increasing at LGTS by many megabytes every time and only there.


    @olli4740 Thanks, I''ll take a look.

  5. Hi

    About the VAS number, I am not aware about their influence to OOM but I have to reported, simple as that.

    I cannot tell if that costs the OOM because I simply don't know and that is the reason I am posting here.

    The other reason I am posting here is of course suggestions, so I am questioning why the FSX with 3850 VAS takes OOM. How can you tell that it is something else, do you mean something else from the FSX addons, another addon for example which is active at the moment, like the lights from ORBX or what ever.

    Just before I have made some test rounds at the airport again. I can tell at this time that something in the town area, I suspect in the center is causing the problems. Flying over it VAS explodes, flying to it values increasing, flying away from it values decreasing.

    I am trying to help me, you and others by the way, you understand that I assume!


  6. Hi again

    As I have reported here,


    I have to reconfirm that the patch didn't work.

    I was flying my third flight today from EDDS to LGTS and after passing TALAS intersection, the VAS was increased from 3100 to 3700.

    My settings was as by the shoots in the other post, when I was over CF16, turning right to establish the Localizer from RWY16 I had OOM, VAS was 3850.

  7. Good day

    Your question cannot be answered in anyway!

    It is matter of self understanding of what you want, what you see, what you get!

    There are great VAs in flight simulation community overall.

    I am self running a VA for years, trust me, what you want its not a matter of a VA but of your demands! There you should concentrate!


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  8. That's newz ...

    Posted Today , 03:51 PM

    A lot of flightsimmers have been checking out Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D because it basically is FSX on steroids. While Microsoft might have stopped with the development of ‘serious’ simulators, Lockheed Martin bought the rights to FSX and kept on perfecting it. Prepar3D is faster, less buggy and offers some additional functions compared to FSX. But up to this moment it was very expensive and only for professionals. Not any longer as there is now an Academic version that is only $49 and available for everybody. Yeah!

    On behalf of Aerosoft and with kind regards, Shaun Fletcher


  9. Ok

    I think the word I have used "masses" is a little bit out of theme, I probably should have used "a simulator for the hard core simmers", maybe!

    Anyway, the calculation are ok but why should be at that trip after all!

    Is it us the product target for Prepar3D, it seems not! Maybe aircraft companies etc, after all its at product description which leaves a common user out of it.

    If and or a product with a cost of 499$ makes sense at all, the future will tell. I think the bottom line is what the user can buy and not what the user can or will rent.

    Its not car for a weekend, if you know what I mean!


  10. Ok

    I cannot understand that. As long as I have read, Pepar3D is not a simulator for the masses with this price an the moment at least.

    Why you are supporting that at first, will this be a simulator only for some users which can pay that, what about the other, the rest I don't think they or will pay for it. Thats confuses me!

    And my greatest worry is about the future of FS, about yours AFS, MFlight etc... bad news everywhere!

  11. AES Vehicles Are Used For Or At Many Airports

    Hi all

    I have just finished a flight from LEMG to LEBL and at parking position I have noticed that,


    It seems that AES vehicles are used by many other airports.

    The catering vehicle with the "newrest" logo is one of my edits for the Aegean Airlines catering service and as you can see its showing up at LEBL airport too.

    I think this has to be changed or fixed whatever, for the new upcoming AES NG version.

    I didn't noticed that before, today was the first time!


    Edit 1

    Actually I have look at it better and I have seen that this specific vehicle is from FlyTampa LGAV edits I have made, how is it possible to see it at Mega Airport LEBL?!?!

    Edit 2

    I have just show at LEBL texture folder, are this vehicle from Aerosoft or did I have put accidentally my repaints there, which is strange because I think the texture names are different!


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