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  1. The skin I was using was an Aerosoft skin though. It was the VF-103 Final Tomcat Cruise one. But it seemed to just start happening. v6, boNes
  2. So I've been noticing lately that no matter what I change my payload to, when I look at my Tomcat from an external view it is always carrying a JDAM and some other ordnance, and not even the ordnance that I did load. IN the cockpit though, the stores are correct. So I think it's just a graphics bug...but has anyone experienced this and is there a fix? v6, boNes
  3. Any plans on making this improvement to FSX Steam version? The shared cockpit would be really great at a minimum. v6, boNes
  4. OK, this is weird. I was manipulating the TID screen with the joystick--changing antenna elevation, slewing the "spotlight" from left to right, etc. I don't know what I did but suddenly at some point, my moving the joystick moved the radar cursor around like I was asking in the above. I have no idea what I did to do that...and then I couldn't get it back to changing the radar antenna. So anyone know how this is done or what happened? v6, boNes
  5. So I'm playing around with LANTIRN and I can't find anything in the manual that specifically mentions how to work certain features. For instance, how do you change from WHOT to BHOT? Is there an AUTO mode or is everything always CCIP? Etc. I locked the cursor in ATTK mode on a target and I dropped a GBU-10 when the CCIP pipper was on it, but even though the laser was on and firing, it failed to track. In fact, I didn't even see an explosion nearby or smoke. Can someone point me in the direction of A/G and LANTIRN ops? Thanks. v6, boNes
  6. Hi, I remember a long time ago I had foudn the keystroke that allowed you to move a cursor on the TID to designate targets with the joystick. It was a circular shaped cursor. I searched the forums and manual but can't find where I had found it before. I got as far as CTRL-F to get the stick to control the radar antenna elevation and tilting the antenna left to right, but that was it. It didn't move a cursor on the TID screen. Anyone know the keystroke? v6, boNes
  7. So, recently, I trapped, put on the parking brake, then proceeded to change my stores via Shift-2. After I selected stores, when I went back to my Tomcat and looked at it externally, it had different stores. For instance, I loaded a LANTIRN and that's all and when I went to the Tomcat is had slung underneath it a JDAM and a few missiles. I brought up the stores menu again and loaded a fuel tank and I literally saw a Sidewinder get loaded on the glove pylon. I clicked off the fuel tank and the Sidewinder disappeared. What is going on? v6, boNes
  8. So if it a known issue, did anyone remedy it? It's really hard to land on the deck in foggy or low cloud conditions when yo have no HUD symbology. v6, boNes
  9. So, what to do about it...? v6, boNes
  10. I've been noticing that when I fly into heavy clouds, the HUD fades away and just becomes a blank HUD glass and then I have to look at my cockpit gauges and instruments to get speed/altitude, etc. Does anyone else have this happen? v6, boNes
  11. bonesvf103

    F-14 trouble

    I just installed FSX Steam replacing my legacy FSX. Afterwards I found there were no missions either. I found them--they are in your Documents folder in the Aerosoft folder. Cut and paste them in the Documents>Flight Simulator X Files and it will work. I read somewhere on the web it was an installer bug and that what you really should do is reinstall F-14X but choose the version for Acceleration/Gold. It will recognize it to be Steam and put the files in the right place. But personally, I just cut and paste the files in and everything seems to be OK. As for trim, etc, what stick are you using? Does it have a programming software with it? If so and you are not going to use FSUIPC, then you should first go into the Settings>Controls>Buttons/keys. Select your joystick in the controller type dropdown then go through the event assignment list and delete any of the joystick buttons assigned to events. Do the same for your throttle. Afterwards, use your joystick/throttle programming software to program events to your stick/throttle. You can program things like trim to your joystick button. Hope that helps. v6, boNes
  12. Everytime I land on the Ford with the Aerosoft Tomcat, I can never seem to trap a wire. I have literally landed just before the 1 wire and driven the Tomcat to the wires and still not trap. Just wondering if anyone else has ever used this carrier and had a problem with it. Maybe it's fine with other aircraft, but I only tried it with the Abacus F/A-18 and that's the only aircraft i can get to trap on the Ford. Weird. v6, boNes
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