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  1. Mathijs, recently there have been very strong comments about you on some German forums regarding your attitude towards piracy. I understand you do not want to comment there. but can you do it here?
  2. Wait, are you now seriously asking customers who have a very shady status on this forum to publically and openly complain about one of your employees?
  3. Okay mr Diekmann, I'll check in a few months then, right now the lunatics have taken over the asylum as can be seen even in this (highly respectable) topic.
  4. SteMapelli, how dare you. You have been making problems for a while and now you publically complain to his boss because you did not understand a post made? You should be lucky you are still allowed on the forum. How dare you.
  5. mr Diekmann, if you would just look at the Airbus preview forum you will see the change in attitude of some users now they go unopposed. Without any rating I lost the opportunity to filter (automatic) filter out the nonsense and the silly stuff. So I stopped reading it. Just compare it to the weeks before the change. It was far more pleasant. I think Mathijs made a bad decision and as CEO you should correct that.
  6. But mr Diekmann, you say the system offers an option to be misused and of course we all agree to that. But that was not happening and the moderation on this forum is very quick to remove nonsense. Right now an option is removed that was useful, used a lot and that all for the fear of it being misused? Your suggestion that we should reply if we like something or not just does not make much sense, if people started doing that the forum would be unusable. It would be full of 'I agree' messages, that can not be your intention. There is now just no way to show if we like or if we do not like a post. I am sorry to push the issue (and will leave it at this) but I was honestly wondering why this was removed for a company that has such pride in open communication with it's customers. It seems to go against all that mathjis has tried to build. Let me close by saying that removing such a usefull feature in the forums will not stop me from buying your companies great software.
  7. Why are the like/dislike buttons gone? I really liked the fact you could let another user know you appreciate what he typed. Adding a nonsense post like 'Good post' is completely annoying so right now there is no way to let it be known you like something. It also helped me to avoid the idiot posts as those were simply hidden from view for me (great forum software btw as it has all those options). Strange decision as it was clearly used by many users. I do not want to join the stupid herds that say Aerosoft is too protective of it's forum because I accept the fact it is a company forum, but this really feels like a step back. As if you do noty trust the users of these forums. And that is strange because this is one of the nicest and most professionally run forums I got to. John
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