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  1. Hi, Just noticed a minor issue that the Trim & AP DISC button is not really ‘stay' on the Yoke perfectly when yoke moving. Photo attached. Cheers, Kevin 2017-9-6_1-55-1-358.bmp 2017-9-6_1-55-5-74.bmp
  2. Hello Oliver, Thank you very much! Sorry, I should do bit research first. Cheers,
  3. Hello, Appreciate for all the improvements on 1.0.1 CRJ. Just noticed the TCAS traffic on the ND is displaying the actual altitude of the traffic instead of relative altitude to my current level. That's just small thing that not really affect flying, but can be fixed for better situation awareness I guess Cheers, Kev 2017-9-4_1-7-46-416.bmp TCAS traffic on ND displaying +129 climbing, which should be +029 as I'm at FL100? 2017-9-4_1-8-11-476.bmp
  4. Placed the 1005c this afternoon (P3D V4), went for couple test flights. The autopilot just reminds me the NAV mode on my real life Diamond twin's KAP140, sometime you have to use HDG mode to get it back on track. However, it's fairly difficult for a regional jet to navigate around on the HDG mode especially when you want to fly accurate on those RNAV SID & STARs, some are RNP1 now but the autopilot more feels like on RNP10 standard. Looking forward to see more fine tuning over the autopilot.
  5. Hi, Would be cool to see China Express CRJ900 paint, 32 aircraft currently in service. Cheers, Kev
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