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  1. I'm loading the 330 directly from the scenario screen. I've redone a shorter flight today from a cold and dark state and got the sounds on arrival, it seems totally random for me.
  2. Hi, New test today, same procedure as yesterday but instead of loading the cold and dark state at the gate, I kept the default turnaround state and I didn't had any sound issue on arrival.
  3. Hi ! I've purchased the bus earlier this week and I am having the exact same issue with the current experimental version. Actually worse than that: when shutting down the engines, there's no shutdown sound but all the cockpit sounds disappeared after a 6 hours flight, the external sounds like APU or GPU were still alive though, but only from the external view. I've tried disabling/re-enabling P3D sounds several time with the Q key without success. I also tried to pause/unpause the sim several time I insisted on this one because each time I was unpausing the sim I could briefly hear
  4. Thanks for the update Mathijs Hope not to wait for another year to get it solved though
  5. Hello, I'm having an issue with my new dual screen setup: pfpx is instantly crashing when it is started on my secondary monitor; if it's started from the main monitor then moved on the secondary monitor, it crashes as soon as a popup window is opened. This was already been reported a year ago but it seems it has never been looked at by the developer: Now, it would be nice to see this being solved or at least looked at. For many simmers, the purpose of multiple screens setup is to display such programs on secondary monitors. Also, the program is not even appearing an
  6. Obviously I totally agree with that, supporting each single other product would be a nightmare. It's usually up to a more global product like Envshade to adapt itself rather than "specific" product like aircraft. I'll check what we can do to enhance compatibility with the CRJ with the help of users.
  7. Hello guys, I'm the main Envshade developer and first of all I'd like to highlight the fact that our product is totally updated and is fully compatible with full PBR aircraft. Such statements is not fair and simply spread wrong information about another product. There is absolutely no issue or too dark cockpit with the latest aircraft from your competitors which have PBR cockpits, especially with our latest update that brightens cockpits and allows users to control that. Also the HDR changes made by Envshade are very low, especially during day time as we wanted to provi
  8. Version 1.00


    This package contains the pfpx profiles for Avro RJ70, RJ85 and all the BAe146 variants. They have been created from the initial RJ100 profile done by BW901. These profiles are not 100% accurate but are a quite good approximation. The fuel consumption is the same as the RJ100, only the weights have been modified to correspond with each aircraft. A new version will come with accurate consumptions based on the qualitywings Avro and Bae146. Thanks to BW901
  9. Version 1.00


    This package contains the pfpx profiles for all the A380-800 variants (841-842-861) They have been created with the great program AJPC created by Hervé Sors : http://www.aero.sors.fr/ These profiles are based on the Project Airbus A380.
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