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  1. Is that Hardware article finished yet?. I am looking forward to it. Thanks
  2. Sorry, Didn't mean to get upset. Its just that so many websites send you all over the place just to see pictures. Thanks for fixing it. Scott
  3. All I get is a advertisement for Dinoweb. Could you guys please just post the darn pictures, I hate playing games and jumping through hoops. Its just some pictures.
  4. And also included with My Traffic X is the 4.1 version for FS9. I dont understand why we cant get it.
  5. Thats exactly the case, Burkhard has told me that Aerosoft must put out the patch for the boxed version of My Traffic because they do something to change or alter the program. The quickest response was when Shaun got a hold of Aerosoft for us and in a few days there was service pack 1 on the update page. Thanks for all your input. Scott.
  6. Thanks Shaun for your reply, I check the faqs/updates sometimes twice a day, every day for updates. I was told by a rep from Aerosoft that they were working on service pack 2 but that was months ago. I have stutters from My Traffic that are so bad I have uninstalled the program and now use freeware AI traffic. Thanks for helping in getting service pack 1 out. That helped with the stutters a little but. It just seems to me that since My Traffic X is out they have abandoned us using FS9. Why, I dont know since performance in FS X is beyond awfull. Thanks again for your help Shaun. Scott.
  7. I guess its safe to say there will be no more support for My Traffic 2006. No service pack 2, No 4.1 either. It looks like I would have to upgrade to My Traffic X to get service pack 2 and 4.1 version for FS9. I would then be in the same boat, unable to get updates in a timely manner. Thanks Anyway.
  8. I am sure you guys are busy, would it be possible to get an update on Service pack 2 for My Taraffic 2006 ver. 4. Thanks, Scott
  9. Thanks SAF, that was it. I searched the boards for that problem and couldnt find a thing. Say, do you know if there will be a discount to upgrade to My Traffic for FSX thru Aerosoft. Thanks again for your help. Scott.
  10. Hi All, Has anyone had trouble using the tools on the drop down menu within FS 9. I just get a black screen and then have to esc to get back to the program. I did a search and did not find any similiar problems. I also tried it on another computer and the same thing. Thanks, Scott
  11. Any updates yet? Thanks Scott.
  12. How is the service pack 2 coming along for boxed version of My Traffic 2006. I see they have a FSX version alsready. Do you know if we will be able to upgrade through Aerosoft. Thanks Again Scott.
  13. Thanks for your reply and info. Scott
  14. Mr. Mugge, you were very helpfull in getting the first service pack for My traffic 2006 ver. 4. There has been a second service pack released and I was wondering if you could post that also? I contacted Burkhard the author of My Traffic and he said the boxed version had to be handled by you guys. Thank You Scott.
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