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  1. Mopperle, My intent was not to anger anyone. Nor was I expecting a response over a weekend. You have made some incorrect assumptions. I had already followed the methods you suggested before posting this topic in three different forums. You do not know all of the facts involved. Accordingly, I have sent you a private message outlining why I posted this topic in three different forums. The issue was multi-pronged and I wasn't sure where to go with it. No need for your harsh words. Thank you. PJ
  2. Ok sorry about that. I've tried in two other support areas but no response. Will try your suggestion thanks! PJ
  3. Hope this email finds you well. Hope I am posting this in the right place....has to do with our customized STL scenery and AES. Question, we had some customized STL scenery designed for us (by Cesar at Taxi2Gate) with our Gateway logos placed on jetways and baggage carts. It is installed and working fine with AES, however we noticed with the enabling of AES animation, our GTW logos within the new scenery have dissappeared from the jetways. With the recent collaboration and addition of TAxi2Gate STL to work with AES, in the process of enabling those jetways to animation, the logos no longer appear. We assume this is due to the modification of the scenery by AES to include the animation for everyone who buys the scenery. Question - is there a way we could obtain our own update of the animated jetways to re-include the logos? What would we or Cesar, the scenery developer need to do to make this happen? Thanks for your help! PJ Fiske Gateway Virtual Airlines pj.fiske@gatewayva.net
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