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  1. Yes that is the version I am usuing. I am usuing version
  2. I am using P3D V4 and the latest version of the Airbus add-on and i tried what you said about usuing the Prepare for Pushback but the before start CL STILL doesn't trigger. I am usuing of the A320
  3. Nearly every flight i try with the A320 series the before start checklist doesn't work. I don't know what I am doing wrong as the cockpit prep checklist works perfectly fine. I shut the passenger doors, cargo doors etc and I get the "Captain, doors are locked and cabin is secure" message and that should trigger the before start checklist to start but it doesn't it just hangs on. I also use GSX and I disconnect the jetway before I shut the doors, after door is shut is when i request the toe truck for taxi
  4. Title is self explanatory. I programmed the approach into the FMS, all fine and good, when i arrived into Heathrow i noticed that the approach route had this strange circular thing programmed in, for future flights, how can i remove this? This was the 09R approach usuing the LOGA1H arrival and LAM transistion. As you can see from my second screenshot the approach is WAY off the mark. I use navigraph and the have the latest NAV data
  5. I tried calibrating my joystick now there is no response at all in the sim, how on earth do i get this to work? It was working fine before i started calibrating. I the sim when I am going through the flight controls checklist i can move it full left, full right and down. It's just I am having problems moving up. Is there a bullet point guide i can follow to properly set up my joystick in the sim as this is a headache.
  6. My joystick is new. I am usuing the logitech extreme 3d pro joystick, how do i calibrate it in the sim?
  7. My Joystick works fine. I can take-off with the aircraft without any problems. I took a screenshot and circled where the joystick is clearly moving upwords on the primary flight display but the checklists doesn't recognise this.
  8. I managed to do this once before but for the life of me I forgot how to do it. If my memory serves me correctly it was just a simple copy and paste job into P3D V4 to get OLD aerosoft Airbus livery's working in P3D V4. But I have tried this with one texture (Royal Jordianan A320) and it is appearing in my sim and I can fly it fine, however, when i try it with other textures for the old Airbus model without the files from the "Airbus X Extended" nothing appears in my sim despite me copying and pasting the files from the ""Airbus X Extended" The textures that came with the Royal Jordianan A320 a
  9. It still feels like a waste of money to fork out more just to fly this aircraft. I can turn it left and right but i cant take off. I'm regretting my purchase already. Granted it's my own fault for not reading the system requirements, but it's an easy thing to overlook. Every aircraft i fly i can use my keyboard and mouse, so why does this add-on have to be different? It doesn't make sense. Even the QW787 i can fly with my mouse and keyboard. I feel like I have wasted my money.
  10. The Aerosoft Airbus series is a great bunch of aircraft, however, i feel like you are ailenating those who DO NOT have Joysticks with Rudders etc. It seems like a waste of money to buy a Joystick and other things just to fly this aircraft. How can i set it up for flying with keyboard and mouse?
  11. I did have a read at that thread before i posted this but i found it hard to understand. I know part of the process involves removing old panel textures and replacing it with the P3D V4 version as you can see in my screenshot at "MAINPANEL_C" on the bottom left of the texture folder. I did that to a tee but the aircraft isn't appearing in the sim but it is showing up in the livery manager so it does recognise it but it's just getting it to appear in-game is what i am struggling with
  12. I am trying to convert the following repaint into P3D V4 for the A320 Professional and I am having a lot of difficulty with it. This is the repaint i am trying to convert https://library.avsim.net/zipdiver.php?DLID=189437 As you can see from my screenshot the livery is appearing in the livery manager, it's almost like it reconises that the repaint has been converted but when I load up P3D V4 I can't select the repaint to fly in, it's not there. I followed this guide on converting old textures to work in P3D V4 and it has worked for a Royal Jordinian livery i found, and
  13. I have the A320 Profesional series for P3D V4, but when i try and load a default cold and dark panel state i can't do it. My right MCDU just loads the same as the captains MCDU. How can i change this or how can I get the right set-up screen in the MCDU
  14. Hi, I am having some major issues with my AES. I am using the latest version, but when I start AES at a airport I get a message in red across my screen saying "fatal error,please contact AES Support" I just did a fresh install of FS9 and I am wondering what it is I should do.
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