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  1. Had a clean install of Madeira X Evolution. Are there supposed to be four (4) steady lights just after the curved lead-in flashing lights on approach to 05? FSX Orbx Global (no Vector) Thank you, Curtis Jarrett
  2. I have installed and calibrated my Saitek rudder pedals as per instructions and in the FSX advanced settings have the sensitivity set to 80%, 0% null for the brakes. The problem is this: differential braking works fine. When I apply the brakes as evenly as possible I get "BRAKES", but if you move the pedals more, the "DIFFERENTIAL BRAKES" show up. It's like there is a limited range for the brakes effectiveness. Any recommendations? Thank you, Curtis
  3. Can anyone recommend a CRJ-700 (freeware or payware)? I was looking for a POSKY model, but can't seem to find one for FSX. Thank you, Curtis
  4. Thanks gentlemen for your help, finally got to see other traffic today (Easyjet) after loading times UT2 listed on a time table. Still looking for Monarch and British Airways. At least I know the traffic is working properly. Thanks again, Curtis
  5. OK, thanks for your reply; so I guess sense there are just a few flights during the week, they well eventually show up, right? If I check the time tables for flights to/from LXGB and set that time in the FSX opening screen, should the traffic be there? Curtis
  6. I'm using Ultimate Traffic II and FSX traffic is set for 100% and see no other airlines at the gates. The manual for LXGB says: AI Traffic AFX or AFCAD files are used to setting up the taxiway layout for AI traffic. Possibly you use an AI traffic addon that installs additional AFX (AFCAD) files for Gibraltar. Please remove any other existing AFX (AFCAD) files for LXGB"Gibraltar" (most named: AF2_LXGB.bgl or similar. LXGB = ICAO code for Gibraltar) except the files included in this scenery. I'm having trouble understanding the above instructions. Where are the AFCAD files to remove? Thanks, Curtis
  7. The Gibraltar scenery is great! According to my UT2 schedules there should be a few AI on the ramp from time to time. I read the manual about disabling some traffic files to make things work. Would someone please help me with that; I cannot find the files to disable. There are some AI at other airports not to far away that I've noticed. Thank you, Curtis
  8. I turned off all DA1 in Scenery Library and all airports look good, no trees or buildings on runways. I re-downloaded the latest copy of DA1 to replace the original one with. Thanks a lot for your time! Curtis
  9. Thanks so much gentlemen, I think I at least have some starting points! I do have DA1 (which did have some wierd issues with trees there as I remember). Also, how do you deactivate UT2? Thank you, Curtis
  10. No, this is an airport just south of Gibraltar in Morocco (GMTN) and others too like GMTT, etc. The Gibraltar scenery is fine, although still trying to enable some aircraft traffic there (I read the part in the manual about deleting AFX or AF2 LXGB traffic files - no joy). Uninstalled LXGB - same problem. Also airports north of LXGB all appear normal. The trees just start popping up as you get closer to the above airports. Thanks for any direction at all. UT2 Win 7 As Administrator Numerous Aerosoft scenery Numerous Orbx scenery Thank you, Curtis
  11. I removed the Gibraltar X scenery; still have the same problem. As I get closer to the default airports, you can actually see the trees start popping up everywhere especially on the runway, buildings too. Any ideas on this at all? Curtis
  12. Here is a picture of what it looks like; any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Curtis
  13. I forgot to mention that I'm using Windows 7. Thanks, Curtis
  14. After installing Gibraltar X scenery in FSX, I have noticed trees and buildings on the runways and ramps of other airports. For some reason this problem is showing up at airports south of this scenery. Airports north of LXGB all appear normal. I am using Orbx scenery in FSX, but it is switched off using the FTX control panel. Also, using UT2. Any ideas? Thanks, Curtis
  15. Shaun, I have really enjoyed Aerosoft products over the years. I just purchased Dangerous Airports 1 and having trouble getting past the "Activate" screen. I get the message: Undefined error!: Err-Id(0)I did download the latest launcher (Version I have .NET framework 3.5 SP1 I've tried with my firewall off I've tried on my main PC (Win XP) I've tried on my Win 7 gaming PC I've looked as best I can in the support forums Still same message: Undefined error!: Err-Id(0) Purchased from Simmarket I have sent an Email to your support with the key, but no reply yet Have spent hours(days) trying to use this scenery Thanks for your help, Curtis Jarrett
  16. Thanks for the tip, do you have a favorite? Curtis
  17. Thanks gentlemen, I appreciate the info; lots to choose from! Curtis
  18. I have not flown much in this area of the world, but took off from Osaka today and headed west in FSX (default scenery). Do you have any recommendations for some nice/interesting Japan airport scenery? What is popular or something you think has been rendered well (FSX or FS9, payware or freeware)? Thanks for your time, Curtis
  19. Tried that, no luck; I think it may have something to do with the older installer. Curtis
  20. I've noticed that Southwest Airlines has some sort of inboard wing alternating flashing landing lights on approach. Does anyone know if this effect is available for FS9 or FSX? Thank you, Curtis
  21. Sorry if this has been addressed, but on the install of Wonderful Madeira three blocks need to be filled in. I put in my email address and key, but since it's been a long time since I installed this scenery on an older PC, I don,t remember the Customer Password. I did purchase from Simmarket. Would someone please give me some direction on this? I guess I don't know what is really being ask for. Thank you, Curtis
  22. I'm trying to install Wonderful Madeira (FS9)on my PC that runs Windows 7. After getting to the setup phase I get an error: UseDLL failed. Error..117. Thanks for any help. Curtis
  23. I'm trying to reinstall my BAe 146 that I backed up on a disc. I've had successful reinstalls, but missing digital readouts. I've found a fix on your forum I'd like to try. My problem is this is my 5th install and need a new code or password. No response since yesterday from you by e-mail. Readme file: "Installing a fifth time - Simple, the installer will ask you kindly to contact a Customer Service officer who will then assist you in installing. This will be done swiftly and without fuss." Sorry for the trouble. Thank you, Curtis
  24. Great Aircraft! One problem I'm having is that the pilot's PNI CDI deviation needle is reversed when tracking a VOR. Co-pilot's side is working properly. Deviations are opposite (when NAV 1 and NAV 2 are set on same frequency). I've checked the manual and as far as I can tell the deviation needle should work like all others. Any one else notice this? Thanks for any help. Curtis
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