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  1. You are certainly allowed to "read the tea leaves" in any way you wish. I can only discuss what I know. 90% of the over 100 simmers I know are sticking with and/or are unhappy with FSX for one or more of the following: the system requirements, loss of 2D, poor performance versus "eye-candy" and the need to "start all over again". That's just to name the major ones. Purchases of FSX are not a real indicator of satisfaction with FSX, or it's regular use? As far as selling FS9 addons in a year...I won't need any!! After the release of the AirlinerXP Airbus 320 just about any of my payware needs will be met and I will survive for years. That's not to say that I won't look at FS9 addons, from those who offer them, if they are available...but between what I already have and the great prices I will pay for FS9 addons (at bargain basement prices!) I don't yet have...I'm going to be flying FS9 for years to come. Whatever your tea leaves indicate, I truly believe you are going to miss a large portion of the FS market by only making FSX addons. Will it be enough to cause you any pain? Probably not and I don't wish that on you in any way. Unfortunately for me, I will no longer have the option of buying your great products as I have in the past. That is, of course, a personal decision. Good luck and I'll see you "up there" :wink: Vic
  2. I highly doubt that statement. I, for one, will be using FS9 exclusively for a long time. The need for a new machine, the fact that I have to use ugly VC to render my 2D views (I don't use VC) and the fact that MS decided to "gamify" FS with more eye-candy and "missions"...instead of concentrating on performance...are all reasons I have no interest. I notice everyone here talking about how great the terrain, graphics, etc. look in FSX...like I said...eye candy. I don't really care about that, I am happy with FS9 with my addons (GE, FE, UT, etc.) and it ALWAYS flies above 27 FPS on my system. No way that would happen with FSX and all the added candy. At some point it's supposed to be a "simulator"...not a game. To be a true simulation the performance of the software, and the smoothness of it, are more important than all the "pretties". Landing an A320 at Aspen is NOT something I want to do at 12 FPS...although the airport will look very pretty as I rip off the left wing due to ground contact! LOL! Granted, one person (me) does not mean that your statement, above, is misguided. I am not alone, however...there are MANY simmers I know who have finally decided enough is enough and are staying with FS9 indefinitely. The people who continue to make products for FS9 (like AirlinerXP and their upcoming A320) will be the ones getting our money. Hey...I know that, as a business, you have to look in the crystal ball and foretell the future. I just think your ball has failed you on this one. Vic
  3. I see you have updated the website...thanks as there was some confusion...it no longer says "Boxed Version...FS9 and FSX".
  4. Is there any reason for an FS9 user to upgrade to the "BeaverX"? I have no plans to upgrade to FSX in the next year...at least!...and am wondering if upgrading to the BeaverX has any advantages for me? If it would be a benefit...do I understand correctly that FS9 users must upgrade with a "boxed" set as opposed to download? Thanks for any info. Vic
  5. I found it late last night, Shaun. There were two small files that I downloaded from the Rage3D board...which were supposed to increase performance in D3D games. I had put them in the FS9 root directory, as directed, and then promptly forgot about them. :roll:. I removed them and there is nothing wrong with the Aerosoft Beaver now. It probably would have done it to any aircraft...if I had tried them. As a guess, I think these 2 files must have allowed some DX sounds, possibly from the DC3 Airways "Radio Range" install, to play without being "called". That's a W.A.G., on my part :wink: Thanks!
  6. Whenever I fly the Beaver, I get a navaid station Ident sound (Morse code). I've tried whacking at the various radio panel buttons...but the "Idents" are all off and clicking them just adds MORE annoying Morse codes...so it's not the various radio "IDENT" buttons...they are all off and I still hear it. If I knew Morse, I could tell you what the alpha code is...but I have no idea. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that there is no "AVIONICS" switch, and keying "SHIFT+A" is the only way to turn the Avionics on/off? Maybe something else gets turned on when keying that? I'm going to try the "OLD STYLE" panel and see if it happens with that one. Any thoughts are appreciated as this is extremely annoying, to say the least.
  7. Excellent, thank you for the quick reply! Vic
  8. I have a question regarding the 4 files I downloaded after purchasing the beaver and want to avoid any issues with intallation. The 4 files which were listed, after my purchase are: AO_BEA_150_UPD.zip AO_BEA_153.zip AO_BEA_153_UPD.zip AO_FLIGHT_CALCULATOR_PROMO.zip I'm not concerned about the "AO_FLIGHT_CALCULATOR_PROMO.zip", at this point as it's unrelated to the Beaver install. Do all 3 of the beaver files have to be installed? I'm confused as to why I have a AO_BEA_150_UPD, when I don't have the 150 version...is that something that appeared on the download screen but is not needed? As a guess I would say I need only the 153 and the 153 UPDATE to correctly install the Beaver but want to be sure. Thanks! Vic
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