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  1. Hey Guys, I have a Problem with the CRJ FMS. I tried to enter the Depature-Airport and Arrival Airport. When I entered it, at will delete after one second... Do you know the problem? Best regards hpinter
  2. Hey Guys, does the Airbus A318/319 also works for FSX? Best regards hpinter
  3. Good morning, I have a short question concerning the AES for aerosoft CRJ. When I parked there is a approaching Sairways. But the CRJ has Stairways itself. What do I wrong, I downloaded the CRJ-Files in the download-section. Best regards Flo
  4. But what shows this files I sent in this Topic? I do not understand, why this depends on the low weight. I can send you some Photos about the Situiation???
  5. hey guys, I have done several flights with the CRJ. The hold of the altitude is every flight heavy weight or light weight. I have diffenrent times turbulent weather, but in my opinon this can not cause so much variation. It still the situation, that when a assigned Alitude the vertical speed increase the descend rate to -2000 ft/min. What do i wrong????? Best regards hpinter
  6. ???? I mean the hotfix? Where can I install this, this was my question. ;-)
  7. Sorry there is no readme file for the installation. An there is no installtionpath?
  8. But in real it also works. Thx for help. I hope you can find a solutuion.
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