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  1. Hello, Where can I find an update for Barcelona? The new runway iand taxiways to and from it are not what it should be. Best, Rob
  2. Yes I did all that. All other airports work, but EBBR 2007. Best Rob
  3. Have done it. still no action on EBBR. Help! Rob
  4. I have used credits for Brussels 2007 from Aerosoft (Dream Studio) to activate this airport. Activation succeeded so airport is found. But when going to the airport the EAS does not work. How can I solve that? Best Rob
  5. I have no static aircraft in my Brussels 2007 scenery. The manual does nog give any detailed explanation. How do I get the static active? Best Rob
  6. Is it possible to automaticly load the local pressures for the departure and arrival airport when filling them in the starts creen? Rob
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