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  1. Sorry, but this looks pretty default to me. Instead of lots of detail i see some default trees, -bridges, -German trains and -scenery. Show us some better pics please.
  2. Last week i have made the decision to buy Windows7 and a new harddrive and made a fully fresh new install of FSX & Acceleration. Today i succesfully installed the Airbus version 1.11 and right now i am flying it. Thanx you Aerosoftteam.
  3. Right, thanx for your reply. Have a good evening and a well earned sleep, Marc D.
  4. Well if it's only me that is having this problem then maybe you don't bother to do so. As for some time my system is acting a little bit strange but everything workes OK. I am still in the mental proces of re-installing Vista or maybe do an upgrade of my system but both options are time and/or money consuming and have not so much of both.. I recently did the Jesus CFG addition With the bufferpools and Graphics addition and FSX seems to be running a bit better since. If there is a side way of installing then thats OK, if not i have to make a decision then. Greeting, Marc
  5. Can,t install Airbus X Hello and good evening. I,ve just got your Airbus X and tried to install it right away but there seems to be a problem. After copy and pasting my Email & Serial the installer comes up with this information, ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Microsoft Flight Simulator X E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X FSX-Version: FSX plus Acceleration (10.0.61637.0) Airbus X E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 CFM\ E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE\ E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A321 CFM\ E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X A321 IAE\ E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus X Base\ E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Airbus X E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Navigraph ApplicationData User (FSX.cfg/dll.xml): ApplicationData All Users (Scenery.cfg): C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX ApplicationData Flights: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Then the installer comes up with this message, ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Feature: DefaultFeature Component: Aerosoft File: <USERFLIGHT>\ Error: De syntax van de bestandsnaam, mapnaam of volumenaam is onjuist ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (Errorline is in Dutch wich means something like "the syntax of the filename, mapname or volumename is wrong") and shuts down. It seems to be missing the path to; ApplicationData User and ApplicationData Flights. As i came up with the idea that it might be a registry problem (had that one a very long time once before) i tried FS registry repair but to no avail. My system is: Windows Vista SP Home Premium Intelcore 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.4 GHz 3 GB RAM Hopefully you can give some assistance. Marc D.
  6. If the developer is in need of additional foto-information about recent changes at Schiphol or other airports, i would like to point out at: http://www.bing.com/maps/?mkt=en-ca This is very useful if you know how it works. Just scroll in on the roadmap to the disired location and press on "Aerial" or "bird's eye" on the blue toolbar at the top and be amazed what you get to see. By pressing "Labels" the roadmap information disapears. By using this i've created a new airport layout in ADE for Schiphol, but on my system it's a frame eater unfortunatly. I hope this will be of any use. Some area's are displayed distorted though because of security resons.
  7. If you still having difficulties to get acces to the airport, maybe you should contact the journalist Alberto Stegeman, LOL. Read the info here; http://www.nrc.nl/binnenland/article210666...g_Schiphol-Oost only in Dutch i'm afraid.
  8. A question about the "sat images". How up to date are these? Because when you look at the topdown images from http://maps.google.com/ or http://maps.live.com/ they are pretty old. In http://maps.live.com/ you have an option to look in birdseye view and one can see that these images are more up to date compared with the topdown ones.
  9. Hi Shaun. What do you mean? Aircraft type, weathersettings and stuff like that?
  10. Yes, i have updated the video driver for almost 1 and a half year ago. Sound driver i did not because there was no need for it. And yes i also did the upgrade to FS 9.1 . As i mentioned before, everything worked just fine before the intallation of MAF and i even deleted the FS CFG file to let FS make a new one, but nothing changed. After that i reinstalled FS9 and 9.1 Etc. Now everything still works fine except when i'm within the vicinity of MAF EDDF and no matter wich plane i use, a default one or Jordan Moore's bell 412, still i get a PC Crash. After i came to the conclusion that MAF didn't work for a couple of minutes time after time, i decided to install some other products i bought together with MAF. Just for your information, this is the Rome scenery and Venice / Budapest. These addons work without any problems or stuttering. Also i intalled the level D 767 and that one works fine also, except when my settings are pumped up it stutters a little bit(frame rate). Hopefully others who experience the same problem with MAF EDDF will post a reply or post a new topic for themselves if their problem isn't quite the same. Thanx for your responce Shaun, hopefully you can do something with the information. Greetings from the Netherlands Marc D.
  11. Now after 2 weeks trying, reïnstall FS9, reïnstall Eddf and the update, from the slave HD back to the prime HD and everything i could find in several topics concerning crash to desktop with EDDF MAF, i keep getting MAJOR problems with this product. First, i own a Aldi 8080 Pentium 3 ghz pc and a ATI 128 mb video card, wich i have upgraded with 2gig of extra memmory and added an extra HD 320gig. With the reïnstall of FS9 i installed nothing really memmory consuming. But still, from the beginning of the first installment of EDDF 2 weeks ago i always got and still get a PC crash. I start out on the active with a Chopper and then fly towards the aprons. Sometimes right away and sometimes after a couple of minutes a little stuttering and then a black screen followed with a blue screen for a second with a message i cannot read, and then the system reboots itself. Afterwards i get the message that my system recovered itself after a MAJOR mallfunction. When i read other topics on the same issue, the problem can be another add-on but in this case there is no other add-on installed, and before FS worked fine so the problem must lay within MAF. Hopefully the makers dig into this problem and help the people that have problems with this scenery out. Otherwise this beautiful scenery will not work on my pc and i have bought a cat in the sack (a freely translated dutch saying). Looking forewards to see your reply's, Marc D.
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