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  1. Wonderful update, I justed finishing the install, but one thing, now in the -300 modern (have not check the other models) the "caution panel", is missing, there is a black area where is suppose to be...? ideas , it was fine before the installation of the ASC thank you.
  2. well first of all thank you! what I great job, ok ..on both planes the wings are white......now I have a question I can not find the link to the first aircraft (white and blue), had try everything it kept telling me "it is not a valid link"?. please help again thank you for your time and wonderful job! happy new year I was away that's why up to know I am answering you!
  3. hello shaun...! well I am really sorry I did not answer before but kind of bussy... what I mean is the CRT display on the right side of the instrument panel.... well for unknown reason was not showing up (totally dark not power, it was off)just after 3 times or removing and reinstalling the software start working.... I am really surprise but know is working properly... thank you!
  4. hello there! well let see who is going to help out here...? 1. installed A-10... everything ok. 2.video is not working.. 3. try another aircraft as usual c-172 (fs9 default).... 4. clock and radios not working on c-172....? 5. get back to A-10 move tv controls up and down nothing..... 6. get back to c-172 move controls of radio up and down nothing? 7.remove A-10.... 8. everything is back to normal.... c-172 radios and clock working properly 9 reinstalled A-10 ...? unfortunally back to number 2. video is not working? hey guys please help I tried everything I know......! any solutions?
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