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  1. In reading the manual (yes I did cover to cover), to access the config menu be inside airplane and push shift 7, when I do this the front baggage door opens any idea how the config menu can be accessed. I have CD version but have not got service pack 2 patch yet . Dave
  2. Yes I have FS9.1 update installed Dave
  3. Just purchased Freight Dogs from your CDN Office, been trying for 4 hours to do a cargo mission, Here's what happens, loaded Beaver (freight Dogs), picked up my cargo and took off, next thing black screen and back to desk top, I have tried 5 scenerios at the different airports, all ending up with a CDT. I am at a loss as to what to do. Dave
  4. I am still having problems with CTD,I am going to take Francois advice and try a clean install of FS9, then update,my question is is there a way to uninstall and keep all my download planes and scenery,my ones with discs I am not worried about? Thanks in advance Dave :!:
  5. Before I uninstall and reinstall, what happens to my addon aircraft, IE PDMG,AEROSOFT,MAAM, do the aircraft have to be re:installed? or just FS9? Dave
  6. Have been deleting files all evening, can fly for about an hour then it crashes to desktop have replaced fs9.cfg twice now,any other suggestions Dave
  7. I had to install FS9 update twice I sure it took, now about deleting files I'm a novice at this I tend to delete my hard drive(just kidding), In trying to solve other problems like uphill water in Mysty fjords, I had noticed that I have more than one (6) Fs9.cfg files which one would be good and which ones to delete. I have one sortcutted to desktop to make changes easier? Dave
  8. I am also experiencing crashes to desktop, flying the Super cub form Stewart, or in around PANT, fly for 5 minutes and CTD, I have only misty Fjords as add on scenery, Also on another flight from KJFK using PMDG 1900 Beech, crashed to Desktop while taxiiing, I am Stumped Dave
  9. Noticed on the weekend,loaded up the 5 passenger Dale Air Beaver, to take on a short flight, took off from Stewart, and went to outside view and noticed that there was no prop spinner, went back inside and tried to load a nav waypoint and none of the nav systems would work, wondering if any one else has this problem, or it just me Dave
  10. Just wondering as an owner of the Full version of the Beaver will the Victoria Scenery that's available in the boxed version, be available in a download ?
  11. Just wanted to let you know as a new user of your company's products, just purchased Piper,Beaver and Beech, Fantastic planes to fly,attention to detail superb, keep up the good work. Support fantastic! Dave
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