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  1. reinstalling fixed the issue. thanks a lot
  2. SupportPack uploaded thanks
  3. new topic because you closed it for further reply. checkbox problem resolved, thanks for that. But SIMStarter don't recognize my P3Dv4.5 installation ! I hoped with reactivating the checkbox, SIMStarter would recognise P3Dv4.5 surplus on my P3Dv5 installation.
  4. Hi, i checkt the checkbox for platformchoise but wil use SIMStarter also for my P3Dv4.5 installation. How can i undo that checkbox because it is no more visible
  5. OK, yes, i now the difference between the light and dark green entry's. It is just the fact that i try to organize the entry's in a logical order, by country. So, it's a limitation from P3D, i have to accept that fact. Thanks for the reply
  6. i use v1.8.7(rev.1) and no other reorder tool
  7. HI there, it's been a while now that i'm using SimStarter. I see that by manual reordening the scenery order in the "Scenery Configuration Manager", after saving and reopening, the order is changed. What is the reason of this ? this is how i order my scenery this is after saving and reopening
  8. Hi, in following topic i mensioned an issue where the "Required" line is missing on some area's in the scenery.cfg file after making some testings i noticed that the cfg file is not updated with modifying the active-setting in the "scenery configuration manager" from SimStarter. Even so far that by changing the setting twice the line "Required=FALSE" (or TRUE) .... DISAPPEARS !! This causes a Error issue in the synchronisation process in the new released "Orbx Central" tool from ORBX. So, a little bug to fix!? kind regards
  9. Totally agree with Bart. I have the same issue, adding manually "Required=FALSE" makes that "Orbx Central" can synchronise properly. Why was this line missing? Fault from SimStarter ore from the addonpublisher? In my case i had to insert the line 3 times Aerosoft - Madeira X EVOLUTION FSX P3D_LPPS , PortoSantoXEvolution Aerosoft - Madeira X EVOLUTION FSX P3D_LPMA , MadeiraXEvolution Freeware - AirHispania from --> installed manually Idea for SimStarter!?; Can SimStarter do a check of the scenery.cfg file to see of everething is OK and the file is not corrupt?
  10. What are the different possibilitys to speed up de loading time of P3Dv4 with SIMstarter NG? e.g. scenery settings?, livery settings?.... kind regards, Whisper
  11. Hi, after installation i note there is no charts ore manual pdf. Only a mension of "dummy". The manual is downloadeble for free, so no problem. How can I have the charts.pdf ?
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