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  1. reinstalling fixed the issue. thanks a lot
  2. SupportPack uploaded thanks 20200603-22h43m49_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  3. new topic because you closed it for further reply. checkbox problem resolved, thanks for that. But SIMStarter don't recognize my P3Dv4.5 installation ! I hoped with reactivating the checkbox, SIMStarter would recognise P3Dv4.5 surplus on my P3Dv5 installation.
  4. Hi, i checkt the checkbox for platformchoise but wil use SIMStarter also for my P3Dv4.5 installation. How can i undo that checkbox because it is no more visible
  5. Hi, after installation i note there is no charts ore manual pdf. Only a mension of "dummy". The manual is downloadeble for free, so no problem. How can I have the charts.pdf ?
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