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  1. Hi Otto, Yes that's exactly what I did. All working fine now. Best
  2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i've just purchased and installed german airports 2 2012 and stuttgart is gone !!!!!!! All the files are there but the entry is missing on the scenery list ((( AEROSOFT help
  3. Hi Shaun, All my problems are solved. Following your advice, I stopped in old installer from activating EDDS: Overwrote it with the new version and all my airports are happy and shiny Best Fulcrum
  4. Shaun, Emanuel, Thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed my first though was to stop it for installing the old version of the launcher but he doesn't give me that option: after entering my serial number the box version installed stuttgart and the launcher in one go... Any idea how to get me out of that problem ? Best
  5. Hi Shaun, Nice is working well (I did as you said). I then tried again to re-install Stuttgart (I have a boxed version). I made sure I run the installer as administrator. At the end of the installation he runs the launcher: despite having the latest version i.e., stuttgart starts (or overwrites it) with version ! No buildings in stuttgart and the Nice building again disapears ! Best
  6. I think I figured out the problem: my autogen was off . For some reason it was blocking the runway texture loading
  7. Hi Shaun, Thanks for your help. I have de-installed Stuttgart and reinstall Nice at least to have Nice working. Yes in Nice scenery folder there is a lot of .blob files. Regards
  8. I had the same problem. I just bought today the scenery (v1.20). I flew from LSZH to LOWI at night: on arrival runway was black (see pic from fligth deck ). I flew with the PMDG NGX. After reloading the plane on LOWI the scenery was there(see pic from outside). In short if I take off from an other airport and head to innsbruck the scenery doesn't seem to load. The problem was replicated several times. Please help !!! Regards Fulcrum PS: I have added an other set of pictures. After starting FSX, I placed the default aircraft at LOWI and get the bad runway texture. After changing for example the time, the computer reloads the correct texture. - My FSX setup - Hardware; intel i7 x980 at 3.33 Ghz Nvidia GeForce 580 TripleHead2Go Digital edition with 3 screens x 1920x1080 16 GB Ram Saitek proflight yoke, throttle and rudder Software: Win7x64 FSX + Acceleration ASE + Ezdok + SB4 + a few sceneries Lot's of PMDG planes + a few others FPS limiter
  9. I am hopeless . Ok let's see - under win7 it is not recommended to install FSX and its addons under the default directory "c:\program files (x86)...." : I have it installed under c/FSX - intstall and run always as Administrator: am doing so - maybe one of your freeware sceneries influences the other sceneries: the problem was happening before having those - I am using launcher version 1.1.0 (the latest one) and it's installed in c/Aerosoft/launcher etc...
  10. Hi Otto, Again thanks a lot for looking into my problem. As requested I've uploaded my scenery library. Also attached my scenery.cfg (renamed .txt) Looking forward to your insignt Best scenery.txt
  11. Hi Otto, The problem seems to be that Suttgart and Nice might interfere with each other ?? Initially had Nice and no problem. Installed Stuttgart and it deleted the buildings in Nice ! Re-installed Nice and got it to work. That must have messed up in turn the buildings in Stuttgart! Twillight zone! That's pretty much it Any ideas ? Regards Fulcrum
  12. Hi Shaun, Thanks for reply. I've checked my scenery library and there is no duplicates. No joy. Any further idea from what it might come. Regards Fulcrum
  13. yep all is green in the launcher. Also forgot to mentioned, the ground texture seems right i.e. the scenery one. Only the buildings are missinig Regards Fulcrum
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