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  1. I bought the Aerosoft Zürich airport earlier this month (Nov2011) with no problems, looking beautiful. Couple of days ago(Nov. 2011) I bought Innsbruck FSX. Looking forward landing here because of the beautiful mountains and difficult approach, approaching with my MD11, runway 26 for the first time and the main runway is like ”black”, no lights. I could see the main building terminal and other taxiways, I chose the part that I could see which was the about on the apron next to the buildings, nearly took out a innocent 737 refueling, I apologize profusely. Then after taxiing to the main building the main runway came into focus with a lovely grey and the lights as magic, as it should be. In the meantime I downloaded the available 2 patches that I could find for FSX on Aerosoft(Innsbruck). I noticed on the forums that there were issues with this airport with freezing. I tested it a couple of times testing RW 26 with MD11 with the same result, black runway until touchdown, I could see everything else like the buildings terminal i.e. , and then after a while on the taxiway or airport, the main runway repairs itself. I am using REX. Maybe I must change a setting somewhere, could not find any manual about settings on the LOWI, Aerosoft. Maybe you guys can give me some direction. Thanks in advance.
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