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  1. a little updated with Performed 4 flights EFHK-EFTU-EFHK and EFHK-ESKN-EFHK with the printers and i've not encountered any issue at all. Seems work perfectly as before! Thanks Aerosoft
  2. A little update on the CTD Question. Today I've performed a flight from EFHK to LSGG. All run smooth, since i didn't print any weather Metar due to the issue described in this topic. Once on ground on stand with APU connected I've switched off the engines and this happened: - Printer made the sound since i was expecting the paper with all flight data - Suddenly Driver of my VideoCard crashed saying if i want to continue/end p3d/or try to reload it (P3D crashed immediately after that). Never occurred in every version before this one (also the graphical card driver never crashed in every situation, even with sceneries, airplanes from aerosoft and/or other Dev.) Cheers
  3. Hello Everyone, Windows 10 Pro 64bit P3DV4.5 Airbus (both series) Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.7GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM GeForce GTX 1080 Ti same problem here both with the 319 and the 321. The printers made the sound, but no paper displayed. If i click on the printer P3DV4.5 Crahsed (like the errors reported in this page). In some times all works properly, in others not (and when it isn't it's a CTD). With the previous versions no issues at all with this point. Hope you can find soon the right way to handle and resolve it Regards
  4. Version 1.0


    Ground Services Repaint for AES in Dubai Rebooted v 2.0 This pack will reflect the real life veichles operating in Dubai International Airport. This release is the first edition, and probally will follow the updates to improve the pack. Both FS9 (BMP) that FSX (DTX3) textures are included in different folders. For personal use, Enjoy and don't distribuite outside this area. ******* TEXTURES INCLUDED ******* Long/Shirt Stairs (handled by Dnata) Every Catering Veihcles (Emirates Group) Cleaning and Lavatory Cars (Emirates Group)
  5. 007 come to London Heathrow with a 747-400 of British Airways after escaping from Hong Kong! The film is " 007 - Die Another Day" Hope you Enjoy
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