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  1. I have bought Airbus 218/319/320/321 for P3D V4 and try to connect A3XX ConnectPro to my IPAD for use CMDU, but it dont works, the CMDU comes up on IPAD screen, but can not switch on.
  2. Thanks, I will do so.
  3. I wondre what happen, have a flight from EKCH-EKBI flight FL200, everything set in CDU, but under the flight the plane start to climp, and the engine speeds up.
  4. Thank´s for the help, it´s works perfect.
  5. I have download Airbus 321 Jetblue NEO Sharklet, but when I shall install the liveries I have problem, in Readme they wrothe Install in A321 Extended IAE NEO package, but i dont have this NEO package, what shal I do. ?
  6. lao

    F-16 Brakes

    The trottle are on idle, so I dont understand why the run, and we are 4 person the use F-16 and have the same problem.
  7. When I set the Brakes to on when the engine Are started up, the plane running slowly forward, how can I stop it.
  8. Hi, Ingo It is possible you can send me a Screenshot of the connecttion, or you can contact me on MSN or Email adress is the same
  9. I have triet everything but nothing happen, the flightplan it is save but I dont now wher, and when I open and connect to IVAO and will send the flightplan comes IVAO "International Flight Plan" after that I puch on "Load" and the box "open Flightplan came up, In the top " Search" are a map "Flight" and in these map are one files " Default" and nothing else. If I look in the Rood of these map, it comes from C:Dokument and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataIvaoIvapflight, and it is not possible to save the plans the.. I dont now why, but I hope one can help my.
  10. Hi, I use FsCommander 8 to make flightplan in FSX, and I move the Flightplan to IVAO, but everytime I have connect to IVAO and have to open the Flightplan, came a box with " Flight " and in these box are one files " Default " can enyone tell what I do wrong, and what I shall do.
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