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  1. lao

    Panel State

    Thanks for reply.
  2. lao

    Panel State

    Can not save Panel state in Aerosoft Airbus 330.
  3. lao

    Engine Throttle

    Hi, Mathjis Thanks for this update, great.
  4. lao

    Engine Throttle

    Thats works these way.
  5. lao

    Engine Throttle

    Yes I startup with FlyInside IKON, but I do the same with all my other Aircraft, PMDG 737-747-777 and All Aerosoft Airbus and they work at all.
  6. lao

    Engine Throttle

    I send 2 picture of Airbus 330 engine when run, the left picture is normal in Windows mode and I can fly and use throttle, the right picture are in VR mode, when engine run and I can not fly and not use throttle.
  7. lao

    Engine Throttle

    Thanks for the answer.
  8. lao

    Engine Throttle

    When I startup engine up in Airbus 330 in window mode everything run fine, but if I startup in VR mode the engine startup but not in full power and the and the throttle not connect to engine, I use Aerosoft Airbus 318/319/320/321 without no problem in both mode.
  9. When I startup normal in windows mode then they Airbus 330 fly normal and take the thrust, but if I use my VR googles Oculus Rift/FlyInside, they dont take the thrust, the engine run and I can reverse, it is Stranges for me.
  10. lao

    Engine start

    Have start the engine on Aerosoft 330 , but when pull the trottle forward nothing happen, but if I reverse the trottle the engine speed up.
  11. Hi, Matts.


    How do you install texture for P3D v4 SAS 320 NEO, I have try many ways, but they dont works, hope you can help me.



  12. Hi, Have download Airbus 320 SAS Neo on Aerosoft side, but I can´t not install it, I wonder why, I try to install it under 320 IAE and CFM, but unfortely it can´t work´s.
  13. I have bought Airbus 218/319/320/321 for P3D V4 and try to connect A3XX ConnectPro to my IPAD for use CMDU, but it dont works, the CMDU comes up on IPAD screen, but can not switch on.
  14. Hi, Ingo It is possible you can send me a Screenshot of the connecttion, or you can contact me on MSN or Email adress is the same
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