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  1. Hi.

    I'm getting 20-24 fps throughout the scenery apart from when the aircraft/camera is looking in the direction of the tower (the tower often takes time to load) but I have a feeling that the culprit is the light on the top of it, and so went into the setup tool and switched off 3D Lighting, but the problem still exists.

    I looked into the setup.ini and found the following:








    What do I need to to do to either turn off the 3d Lighting or remove the light from the top of the tower?

    I have the same problem! WE NEED AN UPDATE!!!! JO, PLEASE HELP! :-)

  2. TWY J/K now all gone. TWYs P, Q, R, S are now the ones intersecting TWY G and L from south to north. P and Q will be opened in a very short while, an electrical transformer kiosk was moved today, it was too close to the CL of TWY P. Likewise, some CL lights on P and Q were cracked already, might be production problems and needed change. P and Q will have both yellow and green CL lights, yellow for active de-ice and green for normal taxi. They now show up with both yellow and green due to the fact that the activating system for them is not in place yet and that they are on the same loop as TWY G4 at the moment.

    Ah, mange takk for information!

  3. I'm going to include different types of detail1 textures. So if you don't want the friction pattern on the ground you can choose another one :)



    All the shelters are included and animated:



    In ENBseries I use the config file Nick shared here

    WOW! Pretty nice!

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