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  1. Yesterday I purchased and Installed the OV10 Bronco. What an a/c! It's a joy to fly and I really appreciate the beautiful detail, both inside and out. A good, thorough study of the manual is not only well advised but, in my opinion, very necessary if you are going to get to first base with this beauty! The reason for my post is to just let those of you who have the CH Products Flight Sim yoke know how I use the device in conjunction with the keyboard to start the engines and release the start latches. First, some parameters: 1. Throttle lever = Z axis (both throttles linked and maximum travel of the lever ranges only from minimum throttle to maximum throttle and doe NOT include reverse throttle range) 2. Prop Pitch lever = Y rotation 3. Mixture lever = X rotation (both condition levers linked) 4. F2 keyboard key = moves throttles to reverse range 5. All inputs come from the CH Products Flight Sim yoke and NOT fsuipc I start my Bronco with the props feathered. Here is the sequence I follow: Once you have the Bronco up, on-screen and "cold & dark, move all three levers to make sure they are active in the sim - THEN LEAVE THE PROP PITCH LEVER FULL-FORWARD AND DON'T TOUCH IT. 1. Use the "F2" keyboard key to move BOTH of your throttles into "reverse range". 2. Use your mixture lever to move your BOTH your condition levers to "Shut off" NOT "Shut off & feather" 3. Switch on the Main Battery switch (make sure your Batt Disc switches are also on) 4. Open BOTH Airstart switch covers 5. Switch BOTH Airstart switches to "crank" 6. Confirm that BOTH props have moved to flat pitch 7. Switch BOTH Airstart switches to "auto" and close BOTH covers 8. Move BOTH throttles up to "ground Idle" 9. Switch on BOTH starter switches and watch BOTH NG RPM gauges 10. Immediately upon reaching 10% NG RPM, use your mixture lever to move BOTH condition levers up to "normal flight" - this will effectively start BOTH turbines 11. Allow both turbines to stabilize (about 6 - 10 seconds) 12. Use the "F2" keyboard key to move BOTH throttles back into the "reverse range" - this will release both start latches 13. Use your throttle lever to move BOTH throttles back to "ground idle" When I use the start sequence outlined above and pay close attention to the timing, it allows me to retain the present configuration of my CH Products Flightsim yoke. I realize the more realistic approach would be to start each turbine separately however it is very difficult to do this and not disable the CH Products Flightsim yoke levers prior to performing this more realistic start-up procedure due to the conflicts that come about when you move the Bronco's levers individually using the mouse only to have the levers "snap" back to the positions dictated by the levers on the yoke itself. I guess you could use the "Ctrl-K" feature to turn the yoke on and off - haven't tried that one yet. Anyway, the above works for me and I hope it will help some of you who might have been trying to work things out and not having much success yet. Thanks! John
  2. Yes sir, you are correct. Thanks for the interest and the response. John
  3. EDIT: Please disregard. I resolved the issues. Pure inexperience on my part. I did not recognize the "yellow circle" as being the oil tank cap. Once I replaced the cap, all went well. I bought the Katana yesterday, printed out all the manuals and have gotten through the main manual, Systems & Normal OPs. It is a truly wonderful aircraft! Very well done! I seem to be stumped on two issues that I have not yet been able to resolve on my own. 1. Section 1.6.2 Preflight - Ground Attachments panel shows a yellow circle right of the engine cowling in the top-down view. I'm sorry but I can't identify that item and I can't seem to get it to turn blue. 2. I suspect this might be tied to (1) above but when I start the engine in "realistic" mode, my oil pressure remains at practically zero and it doesn't take any time before the oil temp is above the red line. I have tried everything I know to resolve these issues and they appear to be beyond me. I know it is something that I am doing - or not doing - because when I change to the "simple" mode, the yellow circle appears blue and I have no problem with the oil pressure. I really would appreciate some guidance and/or instruction. Thanks for your patience! John
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