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  1. Really enjoyed Jessica Lange singing.

  2. So my homophobe spent the day with the police and denied that the incident occurred. 10.30 there is a bang at the door and screams of gay boy Think I've opened a can of worms. Ah we'll I never do anything right do I !

  3. Ooh. #gameofthrones. How wicked the ending that was. Dead king Joffrey barathian Now 1000 gold coins to the killer. I think it was granny tyrell

  4. Yay. Finally. The old Forsyth fool is leaving strictly. Can't wait ! Might now be worth watching

  5. I did all the driving!

  6. Did anyone else see the third man in robin and the dragons dance on strictly tonight. What a big boy

  7. Out in real traffic today and did rather well. Am getting good at this lark!

  8. Mums good. Is bored to tears but not yet well enough for surgery. Hang in there mum it will all come good. X x x

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