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  1. Hallo, thanks again for all your help. I'm now happy with this splendid scenery. OK for Vector. I"ll remenber what is to do I hope MK Studio will soon make the needed corrections to propose a "flawless" scenery. We will make a fly to Madeira tomorrow with our virtual company( Cyberavia in France) Best Easter Felidae
  2. Hallo, att Masterhawk 've made again all the mods following the instructions. No new run of FtX Vector tool after it Seems to be OK for the moment;!!!!???? I am nervous Nerver seen so beautiful as now! Your opinion? I'll be online the most part of the day Thanks felidae
  3. Hallo nein, noch nicht aber ich werde es sofort tun. Entschuldigung , Shoots sind dazwischen gekommen von früher und ich sehe nichts um sie zu löschen. Ich habe neue Shoots von Madeira; Ich versuche die hier hoch zu laden Thanks for your Geduld Felidae
  4. Hi, I will made again the mods of #2
  5. Hi, I will made again the mods of #2. Thanks for the help. Felidae
  6. Thanks for your kind help; I'll try to answer all the questions in a clear way Data 63 a file in Fs Global (newest)AFR is now disabled. I'll try disabling AFR completely. The file is in world and at this time active. And LPPS also as Masterhawk writes: In local meshes they are only meshes for a few places in country far away from Europe. Mesh was by 5 m My 600 Airports are others than LPMA or LPPS Admin rights by install FsX + Acceleration So far for now Thanks again felidae
  7. Hi, Thanks to takr the time to answer me. The facts: 1: running Madeira X Evolution ( but soon had problems with the old one 1.20) 2: In Sceny/World/ scenery, I only have "AFX_LPMA_ALT. Bgl. Is back after running FtX Victor. Other files are .inactive 3: No traffic at this time (FsXnative only), Mesh FsGlobal newest, + FtX Vector, Ftx LC and about 600 European Airports 4: I think so . I 've made my best to respect all the instructions 5: Fsx 10 (boxed), 6: The newext SODE is installed (1.4. 2 or 3) and activeted. After disabling the alt file the scenery was "better" but not perfect ( ground inclined to the sea) By a friend of mine the scenery is Okay despite a comparable configuration. Dis appointing Best regards Felidae
  8. Hallo, after hours of testing and trying : absolut no success. So as it is the scenery is useless not just for me. What is to do now ? Is a fix on the way? Thanks for any help Felidae
  9. Strange, very strange. Version 2 is ready for download on Simmarket since today morning??

    Why not by Aerosoft

  10. Hi, could you be so kind to indicate what is the fix. I have the problem at least with AES(latest 2.42) and Valencia (latest 1.1) The sceneries have installed 12bPilot Sode in Program files (X86) and in Programdata (EPWA and Rome by MK Studios), in Fsx (Sode) and in FsX>Simware>Valencia !! What a confusion! Better said a chaos! We are still waiting on clearing instructions . There is a pdf by Sode called SODE// Filesystem Structure Overview V1.3 + but it's for developpers. Aes 2.42 is still not working . Maybe it would be wiser not to put unfinished products on the market. I would welcome any help Thanks
  11. Ich würde gern erfahren was ich das -16 als reputation verdanken soll?

    Ich habe nur 1 X -1 gefunden, warum

    weiss ich nicht. Aber 16 ist es nicht etwas viel ?



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