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  1. Hello Masterhawk, After deactivating Malwarebytes(and whitelisting P3DV4 as suggested) the installation run as expected and now the scenery is very pleasant. A question remains unanswered: Why is the config. exe for El Hierro the only one detected as suspicious by Malwarebytes?? I have installed Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Heathrow, La Palma, ...and with them no problem. It is obvious that something ('may be completely harmless) in GCHI Config tool and only in GCHI triggers the reaction of Malwarebytes. And how Aerosoft has insulted me and threatened me via a private mail is beyond any discussion and absolutely disappointing. Thank for your kind help and friendly words Daniel from Paris/ France
  2. @Herman, You are right. And I am also very circumspect with anti-virus. I only have Microsoft Essentials and Malwarebytes (which is not an anti-virus stricto sensus ). With this sort of configuration, I never had until El Hierro any problem with sceneries coming from Aerosoft ( or Sim Wings). And it's a lot. Microsoft Essentials is not detecting El Hierro config. exe but it has no heuristic function. I'll try to install El Hierro in a virtual machine to prevent any danger for my PC (or even PC'S as they are all networked). There are many examples of softs coming corrupted from the developing company. I am also waiting for the answer of Sim-Wings. Best regards Daniel
  3. @data 63 no problem ! @Autopilot there is a problem with the config tool: Malwarebytes is destroying immediately config.exe:" machinelearning: Anomalous 100%" I mean I had used it just after the installation but now it'is impossible unless I would turn off Malwarebytes and reinstall GCHI ( config.exe has been destroyed completely). What do you think about this behavior? Regards Daniel
  4. Hi Mopperle! That's is effectively propagated. But with my first 494 areas, I encountered no issue. They are all working fine. Now I try to add El Herrio and you can see what I get as a result. Now I have changed the FTX settings but the scenery is still not to be used. Please have a look: Hi Mr. OPabst! I have just run the installer, changing absolutely nothing But lowering the scenery from position 1 to 8. Now I make a try with position 1 of the list. The folder for ALT is where the installer put it. ( valid or not is the one you get when you buy the scenery by Aerosoft inside, I suppose a valid process). As far as I've seen it is also in scenery/ world., Maybe, I am the weak point of the problem, but if the scenery is not working when I respect all the instructions, to install it; I should not be left alone. I have seven( yes, very powerful ) computers at home and the one supporting this scenery is exclusively dedicated to P3DV4.2. I have bought and used most part of the sceneries sold by Aerosoft and installed hundreds of sceneries on computers of our virtual company. Maybe I am too stupid for using El Hierro? Best regards daniel
  5. Hallo, thanks for your answers. @ Data 73, are you sure, it was never announced for P3DV4? @Herman: I have P3DV4.2 where 494 areas seem to have a happy life. Now , my answer: , If I read right, I see: El Hierro _P3DV4.zip I have ORBX GLOBAL +++++ and: I have also made a try with ORBX / ABP_GCHI.........inactive Does somebody have an idea how to fix the problem? Thanks in advance Daniel
  6. Hello, installation as usual Tried with different Orbx files on/off Found no other GCHI scenery But the result is not 1A: The scenery is coming with an "ALT" folder . Where should it stay or go??? Thanks for any help Daniel
  7. Hi, thank you very much, merci beaucoup, Dankeschön! Now it' is working. Daniel Kittler
  8. Hello, Just bought Kolyma. Install as usual >>>>>>>>wrong serial??? A just have this one ?? Daniel
  9. Good Morning Mr. Pabst, Clean removed? Not as clean as I believed. Despite using the correct procedure, the old EDDS (version One) was still listed in the library (but no longer in scenery config editor). Your question resolved the problem. !!! Thanks it's 1A as you can see:
  10. Hi Mopperle, Seasons should not be important but I have tried with and without Daniel Kittler
  11. Hello, EDDS 1.0 : clean removed (control panel) EDDS 1.10 : clean installed (admin +++) 1.10 in ecosystem Config : tried all options with FTX (land class on/off) FTX : Global, LC, Vector, Germany north hand south Third try; result: not top for me Thanks for any help Daniel Kittler PS: Sorry, I just see I'm in the wrong place. 3 × Pasted as rich text. Paste as plain text instead Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 147.46MB Insert other media Uploaded Images 3 Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 147.46MBInsert other media Uploaded Images
  12. Hi, Yesterday???? Yesterday of today??? It's at least two? years old ???? Daniel Kittler
  13. Hallo Hans, I have tried other new flights. Ans they load as awaited Thanks again for helping Daniel Kittler
  14. Thanks Hans ; i 'll check it and change if relevant to navdatapro(I have both) Thanks and regards
  15. Hi, Something strange happens with the newest CRJ or SImbrief; If I try to load a saved flight plan : OK If I generate a new flight plan ( also the same route) I get a "load error" message. In the list the newest is LFPOLFML.flp Cannot figure what happens. Any help? Thanks in advance Daniel Kittler EDDFEDDW.flp EDXWEDDL.flp EGCCEDDH.flp ELLXAYPY.flp ELLXEDDV.flp KDENKLAR.flp KDENKSTL.flp KMRYKPHX.flp KSLCKJAC.flp LEMDLEPP.flp LEVCGCXO.flp LFPOLFML.flp LIPXLIMC.flp LIRPLEIB.flp
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